What safety measures should be adopted by girls who live alone in an independent house?

Women safety is a prime concern for everyone nowadays. The whole system and society have to take certain strict measures to allow them to feel protected. However, it's also true that they should also be alert and prepared for anything, which breaches their safety. It becomes more crucial when they have to stay away and alone.

  • Stay Cautious of the Neighbours: Do not get over friendly with neighbours, especially if they are bachelors or weird illiterate class of people. I do not mean to belittle the people who lack education, but I mean to make it clear that girls who live alone should be wary of who lives in the localities nearby.

  • Keep Knife, Pepper Spray Always Feasible: Certain safety equipments like Pepper Spray, safety knife should be always ready to approach in case of emergency. God forbid if it is required that these things be reached, it should not happen that one keeps on searching them all over.

  • Have An Emergency Light or Candles Available: If power cut may happen, at least these candles and light will help one do the necessary tasks well in time.

  • Turn of the Main Knob of the Cylinder: Gas cylinders may lead to an accident if not handled and managed properly. When not needed, turn off the main knob in the regulator.

  • Bolt the Main Door: Keep the main door bolted all times to avoid any unwanted entry.

  • Stay Away from Strangers: Never talk to strangers, no matter how appealing the idea of talking to someone may sound.

  • Do Not Let Anybody In: Step out and pay the bills, and also receive any courier or delivery. Do not allow any unknown male person to get into your private space.