Why you should live stream on YouTube

It is said to believe what you see. The popularity of video marketing among businesses and organizations supports that premise. It is no secret anymore that 96% of people prefer watching videos today for learning more about a product or service.

It is a powerful marketing tool, which allows you to reach out to your audience, educate them, and interact with them via virtual events, all the while allowing them to promote your products or services. Live video is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways of providing content and growing an online community. With the experience of broadcasting, content creators can introduce their businesses and personal brands directly to the public, and engage them in real-time, creating deeper connections.

YouTube, in this respect, is worth its weight in gold. The overall number of hours watched on YouTube every single day is, according to statistics, one billion.

In the past few years, YouTube Live has evolved into a modern standard. YouTube Live has emerged as one of the most captivating social media brand experiences because it allows businesses and organizations to connect with their audiences in real-time without effort.

What is YouTube Live?

YouTube Live is a feature that allows you to live stream and engage with your audience live through videos and chat.

It is a simple-to-use tool for creators to engage their communities. Content creators are using it to broadcast games, run webinars, hold virtual workshops, and teach online classes, while e-commerce organizations/digital marketers are using it to create and promote their brands.

YouTube Live Streaming can be done using mobile phones, webcams, or any Live streaming solution/encoder.

Who is YouTube Live for?

Content creators, both business and personal brands, have the potential to make huge gains on the platform. Many users come to YouTube looking for videos related to their interests, and thus, the platform functions like a search engine. Plus, YouTube is owned by Google, and a lot of times videos will appear in a Google search, right on the top.

Benefits of Live Streaming on YouTube

The convincing statistics and predominant popularity of YouTube are reason enough to understand why YouTube Live streaming needs to become a primary marketing strategy for every marketer and company. Nonetheless, the following are some main benefits of live streaming on YouTube:

Vast Network

YouTube has an impressively large community, and hardly anyone has not visited the platform at least once. It is the second-most-popular social media platform. It is, without a doubt, the most profitable social media platform today to market and generate content.

The Monetary Factor

"YouTube Can Make You Good Money". It takes time and commitment to earn a living from or earn money from YouTube, but the experience is life-changing when you reach that tipping point. There are seven ways to make money on YouTube Live, including, video ads, donations, sponsorships, affiliate programs, Pay Per View, Live Selling, Paid Watcher ship, and many others.

Hosting Real-Time Events

YouTube Live allows creators to engage with viewers in real-time. It is a seamless way of getting to know viewers, answering their questions, and making them feel like part of the channel. Live streaming can help get immediate feedback from viewers, empowering creators to produce more palatable content.

It is also a good way to show off the work done behind the camera and to establish authenticity and credibility in the brand or company. Livestreaming adds a personal touch, and at the same time allows creators to be more open with the audience. Go Live closes the creator-subscriber divide.

Business Prospects

YouTube allows for efficient, frictionless marketing of services and products. Given the current pandemic crisis, even established businesses are going online to promote their services/products. So, start-ups need to take advantage of live streaming on YouTube.

Live streaming is cheap and easy to do on YouTube. Businesses do not need expensive equipment to broadcast on-air and can do so with even a cell phone or computer webcam. Many organizations that provide training provide webinars online with ease using a live video feed.

It saves travel costs, organizing the event, security, and much more. This, in turn, saves money and time that could have been used to build products and grow a company.

Video collaboration with other YouTubers

An overlooked advantage of YouTube Live streaming is the opportunity to create videos collaboratively with other content creators. You can reach out to other content creators, brands, and businesses, and be part of their live broadcasts via collaboration. You can invite creators and brands to join your live streams for more growth. It allows you to get maximum viewers and grow your channel.

Stand Out from the Crowd

As per the stats, more than 500 hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day, and live streaming gives the possibility to stand out amongst other creators.

Wide audience outreach, real-time engagement, monetization, branding, cost-effectiveness, repurposing content, and live interaction.

Wrapping up

To summarize, these benefits help to understand how important it is to make YouTube the go-to platform for live streaming. The large, diverse community offered by YouTube allows you to reach out to diverse audiences across countries and grow within a short period. YouTube is not only about creating videos but also about the images you use here.