What points should one keep in mind while dealing with theme writing?

Theme writing is very important under the banner of Academic writing. One must keep it crisp and clear in order to avoid any confusion in it.

Things to keep in mind for Theme Writing

  • Unity: All your sentences should work around a central idea. This will happen only when at the beginning itself we know about the keywords and the key sentence in the paragraph. The key sentence in the paragraph defines our field of work or the subject matter of our creative flow of thoughts. We must strategically confine ourselves to eliminate ourselves from any sort of digression from our theme

  • Coherence: Orderly arrangement of our ideas using linking expressions like Firstly, Secondly etc helps us establish coherence. Each and every sentence should follow one another in a well-planned manner such that the following sentence should have a bearing on the previous sentence and also naturally lead us to the next one. Achieving coherence in a narrative passage is easy when a proper action of events takes place. Even in Descriptive passages, the special order needs to be observed in describing the object or a place. In reflective passages, the ideas should be so well connected that one idea leads us to the next.

  • Proper Emphasis: One should give each aspect the due space in order to suggest its due importance in overall contribution to the theme.

  • Variety: Variety should not only be with respect to the style of sentence structure but also with respect to points or arguments. Words should not be repetitive to make the theme reading an overall boring task.

The ‘theme’ is often what drives a given episode. It is not necessarily a message. It is more the thing that you are exploring out of the given context.