Dealing with a Crush at Work

Do you wait for a particular coworker to come into the break room so you can talk to them? If you can carpool with this coworker, you might be willing to go 5 miles out of your way. Why did you switch to business clothes so quickly? Having a crush on a coworker could change how you feel about your job in a big way.

Read on to find out what it means to have a crush at work and what you can do about it. So you have a crush on someone at work, huh?

If you like someone you work with, that doesn't make you a bad person. That doesn't mean you're automatically a bad person after that. It's only natural to like someone you work with romantically.

Is the way you feel about your coworker the start of something big? Is it something that will help you move up or hurt you? When feelings for a coworker start to come out, it can be hard to see clearly. Let's look at what you need to do so that HR doesn't send you a letter about your lack of professionalism.

How to Handle Having a Crush on a Coworker?

So, you like one of your coworkers a lot. We can feel the pain. You came here to learn how to keep cool if you start to like someone at work. I'll tell you your options to save time: there are two. You can get together with this office crush or learn to move on. To figure out what you want to do next, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions.

  • Is there a spark between you?

  • Did you notice any of these signs when you were falling in love with a coworker?

  • Do you have any doubt that this isn't just a fad?

  • What do you think about dating at work?

  • If you decide to take it further, is there a chance you could lose your current job?

  • How much is the romance at work affecting your work?

  • Think you might get along well with this person?

  • Will it be possible to get to them as a single person?

You may now know better what to do based on what you said. If you like someone at work and they like you back, you're in luck. But readers should know that this passage could be happier. If you are married and have a crush on a coworker, we'll talk about how to get over it and figure out why you have a crush in the first place.

Check the Rules of the Company

Check the company's policy on dating to find out if relationships between workers are allowed or not.

It depends on how you handle it, but it's expected to like someone you work with. Know if giving your all to a cause will hurt your job. If it doesn't work, try some dating apps.

You Should be Aware of what Could Happen if You Act in Secret

If you fall in love with someone, it's not always your fault. The problem is that everyone can feel the energy and figure out what's happening. Keeping your relationship a secret could cause tension, and your coworkers could threaten to tell on you. If your boss found out, you could be demoted or even fired.

Instead of breaking company rules, think about what else you could do. Instead of putting your career at risk for a crush, try moving to a new team or company if you need to act on your feelings.

But if love can get past work problems, why not? You should remember that you've been told not to do something.

Stick to Flirtation

Show them what you think about them by what you do. To get to know someone, ask them what kind of coffee they like and then offer them a cup, talk briefly about upcoming events in the area, or ask them about their most recent job.

This kind of flirting, which we'll call "micro-flirting," is about being nice but quiet. Anything seen as sexual harassment, like open flirtation or making sexual comments, should be avoided. Your language must always be professional.

You're ready to move on to the next step if your coworker is comfortable around you and has started talking to you.

Move the talk to the Outside

Thank your boss for putting you two together by accident, but keep your relationship outside work. Your admirer will like how nice you are and agree to hang out with you after work.

Send them on a fun outing to lighten the mood. Ask to hang out with them over coffee or drinks after work. Depending on how they answer, you can determine how interested they are in getting to know you more.

Stay Professional

In the workplace, always acting the way you should is important. It is essential to build credibility in the work world.

If you act in an unprofessional way, things will go downhill quickly.

But if you act professionally, you can see things in a different light and keep your job.

It is imperative if you have a crush on someone and don't want them to know how you feel.

Stop Making your Crush the Center of Attention

Some people are especially eager to use your feelings against you.

Also, it's natural to want to show affection to people you care about, so it's easy to persuade your crush to buy a meal or a cup of coffee.

Even if your admirer doesn't feel the same way as you, they may be eager to take advantage of the situation. That is not a good sign at all.


It's hard to know what to do when you like someone you work with. But there are ways to act like an adult. Make sure you care about this person, that you can see yourself in a relationship with them, and that being with them won't hurt your career.

Introduce yourself, look for things you have in common, and wait to say how you feel until you've made a connection. You want your confession to be casual and honest but also safe and leave room for the person to say "no." If they don't seem interested, you must back off and keep your distance to keep your credibility.

Updated on: 13-Mar-2023


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