What are the things one should keep in mind before going on an outing in forests and wildlife sanctuaries?

Earlier people used to go for ‘Nani ka Ghar’ in the vacations but nowadays people love adventure trips. Trekking and going to wildlife sanctuaries via Road trips have now become a fashion. However, there is a guideline you need to follow before embarking on such trips so that any unexpected instance does not spoil your taste.

Plan the Trip in An Appropriate Season: It is not advisable to plan trekking in rainy season or monsoons, as one may slip and get injured.

Jungle Safari: Jim Corbett or any other Jungle Safari can add a thrilling experience to your journey.

Do Not Wear Perfume: Many animals like the tigers, the elephants become infuriated by peculiar scents. Thus, one must strictly not wear scent while going on such a trip.

Be Clean: Maintain hygiene as we are intruding into their personal space. So, one should not litter garbage in such areas.

Keep Children Away: Children scream and cry a lot. They may even try to woo animals. So, let us be protective in case of children.

Photograph Without Notice: Do not go near the animals to click their pictures. They may become angry.

Do Not Create Noise: Any unwanted disturbance in the form of speakers or music systems is unacceptable to these animals. This must be kept in mind.

Destination Knowledge: Internet is a savior nowadays. One must plan the requisites before going on the actual journey.

Timings: Not the whole day is the sanctuary open. Adhere to the timings by inquiring with the related personnel.

Protection: Carry a knife, pepper spray, torch, material for a campfire and other related stuff.