What is your favorite breakfast?

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Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. As the name suggests, you break the fast after 6 to 8 hours of sleep with the morning meal. Your day depends on a healthy and heavy breakfast as this helps nurture you for the whole day to come.

My preference for breakfast is very simple and healthy:

  • Eggs
  • Cereal
  • Sprouts


  • Eggs are a very good source of proteins. The Egg white contains most of the nutrients in the egg when compared to the yolk.

  • Eggs are pretty easy to make and there are a number of ways eggs can be made. It is an ideal breakfast for lazy and last minute grabbers.

  • Eggs can be cooked very fast and they are quite filling for your stomach.

  • Eggs can be Poached, Boiled or you can make an omelet, that can be sandwiched between toasted bread and easy to eat too.


  • Cereals are without a doubt the best breakfast one can have. There's no other breakfast which beats cereal as it is rich in fiber and heavy for the stomach and very easy to take.

  • Cereal is generally eaten with milk and some people prefer boiled cereal such as oatmeal etc. You can add dry fruits like almonds, raisins, and cashew or fresh fruit like banana, strawberry, apples, papaya etc., to make them tastier and more nutritious.

  • The sugar content in cereal just adds up to 5% of daily sugar intake yet it adds taste. This gives you "Take-on-the-day" kind of nutrients.

  • Those who are trying for weight loss can achieve their goals by choosing the cereals that live up to their healthy diet and weight-loss claims.


  • We see a lot of people incorporate sprouts into their dinner or even lunch by adding them to a certain dish.

  • But, I enjoy eating sprouts for breakfast. Sprouts give me energy for day long as they have all the required nutrients and anti-oxidants and are quite filling for the stomach.

  • Sprouts are very simple to make at home. You just need to rinse the green gram, chana and soya beans in hot water and soak them cold water. Drain the water and leave it in a breathable container for 8 to 12 hrs. You can notice the sprouting in just a few hours. A hand full of sprouts in the morning can be very advantageous.

Published on 03-Jan-2019 10:10:32