What is the power of motivation?

Motivation is the process to inspire people to carry out the tasks properly and effectively to meet the targets of the organization. McFarland defines motivation as follows -

"Motivation refers to the way in which urges, drives, desires, aspirations, striving, needs direct, control or explain the behavior of human beings."

Following points elaborate on the power and strength of motivation to deal with people in an organization -

Motivation is an emotion

  • Motivation is a relatively new concept that considers people as an important component of the organization and that they have emotions to be catered to. It is a shift from the carrot and stick approach to the integration approach.

  • Different resources and facilities will go waste if the people themselves are not motivated to contribute to the organization. It is the Human Resources that accelerate the progress of an organization.

  • Performance is a combination of ability and motivation. It is an internal feeling and psychological phenomenon.

  • If a person is motivated in totality i.e. his whole personality is influenced by motivation. Thus, his/ her behavior is charged towards an optimistic direction. The different needs of the employee are handled through motivation.

High-performance level

  • Motivation as a modern approach increases the performance of the employees to greater scales than those employees who are not motivated.

  • The employee retention rate is also very high when there is the presence of motivation in the organization. The employees have the zeal, interest, sense of responsibility, team spirit and discipline to contribute to the organization.

Lower Absenteeism

  • A person when motivated tends to keep greater connects with the organization. They get a realization that their role is equally important in the organization like any other person and absenteeism shall create many problems in the organization.

  • Motivation takes the form of additional pay, incentives, appreciation, recognition, awards, appraisal, etc that contribute to higher investment by the employees.

Acceptance of organizational goal and adaptability

  • Once the employee is motivated, s/he resonates with the organization’s larger goals, aims, and targets to be achieved.

  • The people who are motivated consider themselves as an integral part of the organization. The employees tend to adapt even the most radical changes and the tendency to resist in the form of protests and strikes can be avoided if the employees are properly motivated.

Helps to realize the potential of a person

  • Motivation can sometimes act as an instrument that boosts the confidence of a person and does something beyond the set limits.

  • The person might do something extraordinary when offered even limited motivation.

  • Thus, the person’s untapped and underutilized potential is brought into the limelight when motivation is brought into the picture. It can put an end to lethargic performance.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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