What is the new age definition of feminism?

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Feminism at its core is about getting equal opportunities for men and women. It is in the nature that men and women are biologically and physically different. It is also scientifically proven that women have more multitasking capacity than men. Given equal education, exposure and opportunities, women have proven that they are better decision makers.

The new age feminist does not demand to be treated in the same way as men are treated. They have changed their outlook and demands. They want the differences between men and women are recognized, understood, and accommodated for in the workplaces and even at homes.

The new age woman is not totally career minded. She wants to respect her feminity and want to enjoy the joy of motherhood. She wants to balance between both family and career. It is God's gift that only women can give birth. There is no way around it. Without women, society stops. Women are just advocating that they should not be punished for being women. They should not be worried to take maternity leave or work from home during the nursing stage of their children, with a fear of losing a promotion.

The new age feminist is not looking for equal treatment with men, but a recognition and respect in the workplace for being a woman.

Updated on 04-May-2022 13:08:42