What is the importance of extracurricular activities in a student's life?

Student life is the beginning of a life-long career for a person. It is in this phase that important learning is gathered and different opportunities are explored. It is in the student life that the cognitive development along with the physical one takes place. Thus, student life sets a crucial tone for the path of life. In this phase, there is a need to participate in extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, and sports.

Breaking the monotony of Academics

Student life is mostly defined by the different subjects to be studied, assessments and assignments to be submitted, etc. This tends to make the life of a student boring and monotonous. It does not give any space to creatively utilize your knowledge.

Extracurricular activities take learning and knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom. This helps the student in promoting their hidden talents and potentials.

Developing the skills

Knowledge is one component of learning and equally important is the skill component that becomes the driving force to execute the knowledge. The students learn different skills like leadership, communication, planning, relation-building, out of the box thinking, etc which gives them the confidence to face outside world situations in a much better manner.

They also get to learn management skills which include time management, resource management and much more. It increases the value of the student’s curriculum vitae.

Widening the interaction

The classroom circle remains special for any student. The student gets a chance to expand their social circle and interact with other students and faculty members from different streams. This helps them to gauge understanding about different disciplines and also understand situations and emotions better.

This mainly happens through college fests and event where the students volunteer and also become a part of the organizing committee. These interactions keep them active and away from loneliness with mere academics in hand.

Keep them motivated for learning

While there is a need for the students to keep their passion for learning at a bar, extracurricular activities increase the self-esteem of the student to greater heights. They learn the habit of keep goals and plan long-term and short-term action plans for it.

They get a chance to contribute their ideas which in turn increase their participation. It leads to the holistic development of the student’s personality. The interests of the students widen with the increasing participation in diverse activities. It keeps them engaged in some activities that keep them detached from technology at least for some time. They are charged with a spirit of learning something new and better.