What is the importance of Computer?

Computer Network is an interconnection of numerous computers to share an operating system, hardware, and information through a transmission mode among them. There is no condition to the location between two computers in a network.

Elements of Computer Network

A computer network involves the following elements −

  • Nodes (Workstations) − The multiple terminals linked to the network sharing the network resources are known as nodes.

  • Server − It can assign a specific node as a central node at a well-known and permanent address to support the network. The node supporting the service is referred to as the server.

  • Network Interface Unit − The interpreter, which supports connecting the server and multiple nodes, is referred to as Network Interface Unit. The network interface unit is connected to the server and some workstations to maintain the connection.

Importance of Computer Network

The importance of the computer network is as follows −

  • To share computer files −Networks enable users to share files with others. For instance, in an organization, one file is to be shared by multiple branches. When it can locate these records on the network system, some branches can use this file.

  • To share computer equipment − Laser printers and large hard-disk drives can be expensive. Networks allows users to share such equipment by networking microcomputers or workstations together.

  • To enable computer equipment to communicate − An organization with computers of multiple uses using several operating systems, including MS-DOS, UNIX, WINDOWS 95, and Apple DOS, cannot share files from one computer to another unless arranged using a Networking operating framework such as Network 4.1 or Windows NT 4.0.

  • To improve communication speed and accuracy − Sending messages through networks are virtually instantaneous, and there is also less chance of a message being lost.

  • To reduce the cost of data transfer − The cost of transfers of files using computers associated with networks is less expensive than other traditional means like telegrams.

  • High Reliability − All files can be regenerated on some devices, and thus if one of them is unavailable (because of hardware failure), the different copies can be used.

  • Saving Money − One of the advantages of a computer network is saving money. Small computers have a much better cost proportion than larger ones. Mainframes are suitably a method ten times faster than the fastest single-chip microprocessors, but they cost a multiple times more.