What is something that people will find surprising about you?

I have many pointers as to why people are surprised about me.

  • I am physically aged above 40, but I have the enthusiasm of a 20-year-old when it comes to learning new technologies. People get surprised at the speed I grasp new topics and learn them faster than an average person.

  • I am married at a younger age and I have kids who are grown up and in college. Above all, I don't look my age (really). People are often surprised when I say I have two college going kids.

  • Thanks to my kids, I am very much updated about new technologies and happenings in the world. I can converse with a 20-year-old and make them feel that I am their age. I can, at the same time converse with a 40-year-old and have a lot of topics to talk about like the latest trends in fashion to religious and spiritual topics.

  • I make friends very fast but I am an introvert. I am very talkative and at the same time would like to spend some quality time with myself, alone.

I love myself.