What is sharing, blogging and publishing?

The advancement of social media has introduced many terms to us. Some of those terms are sharing, blogging and publishing. Let us understand what do they mean.


Blogging is one of them. Blogs are the pages where you can create the content and can share with the world. Writing your content in blogs is called Blogging. This content can be anything like stories, experiences, reviews, opinions, criticisms, explanations, etc. whichever you want to share with the world. The famous blogging site is blogspot.com


Publishing is posting the content on to your blog page. By clicking this Publish, you are finalizing your content to be published on your blog page as no further editions are required. Publishing enables your content to be available online. If you still want to add, edit or delete your content even after Publishing, you may do so.


Sharing is the term which we already know. This refers to spreading your message to the persons whom you want to share with. The blog which you wrote can get popular only if you can share it on social media. Sharing plays a major part in maximizing the reach for your blog. Social bookmarking sites help you increase your reach.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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