Is the Blogging Era Coming to an End?

Since the first blog appeared in 1994 by Justin Hall, a student, the graphing of blogging never fell. Then with the involvement of technology and marketing channels, videos and podcasts came into the digital platform and grabbed the users' attraction. Blogs once started as a piece of writing that contributed largely to various mediums under several names, niches, categories, etc., started slowing in the performance graph. Though there are mixed reactions on this topic among digital marketing leaders, we will brief the real facts to educate our readers.

This post will focus on the most discussed topic through comparative analysis, and we will determine at the end whether the blog post has lost its charm or still impacts readers’ minds. Let’s dive into the discussion and get the information we will share in the next part of this article.

A Brief About Blogging

Since the internet webs were invented, the world has witnessed many new materials float over the surface. Blogging is one of them. Once it started as a piece of academic writing, digital marketers would soon grab the new creative invention as the best medium to market the business. A blog post contains useful marketing content that helps the business get the target customers' attention.

Not all blog posts contain information; some briefly describe products and their features and suggest to readers which are the best and which they should use. Since social media was invented, the number of blog posts sites has increased. Marketers use several channels for brand promotion. Content helps in this process. And blogs play a major role in content marketing using various channels.

Various business websites keep their blog section to educate their customers through the posts where they discuss their products/services and briefly explain their offerings' impact, how users can avail benefits using their products/services, etc.

On the other hand, whenever users need to find the answer, google lands them on blog posts. Readers get the necessary information that they’re looking for. On one side, companies and brands try to project them through blogging; on the other, readers quench their thirst for information through blog posts.

Therefore, it serves the both-way traffic by promoting products and delivering the inputs for readers.

Do Blogs lose Value?

For the last few years, blogging sites have flooded the internet. Brands and companies from various industries started their blogs to promote the brands by delivering useful information to readers. Some information was genuine, and some were misleading. When readers discover the truth, they stop relying on the facts they read in the blog post. Here is the beginning of losing the worth of blogs.

Meaningless Long-form Content

When the first blog launched, the length of the posts was short. But eventually, over the period, several brands realized that if writers used their creativity, they could glue the readers onto the posts. Hence, long-form content started, and it went well until people left out the page for flat and monotonous reading. Further, not all industries need long-form content.

For instance, technical content must be precise and to the point. On the other hand, when the subject is parenting tips, travel guides, and astrological remedies like non-technical ones, the content is formed in a long format to make reading interesting.

Generate False Info

Another reason for losing the charm is fake promotion, false reviews, and other untrue facts generated on blog posts that people find meaningless. Readers left the page when they found these were misguiding and never returned.

Video Content

When YouTube is launched, and users upload video content on that platform, viewers find these more interesting as visual has more appeal than text content. Plus, viewers can see the creator of visual content on their device screen. Beautiful background music, colors, and many other appealing materials are there in video content which is omitted in text content.


Podcasts or audio blogs broadened their wings around 2004/2005. Marketers started using the channel to publish the Podcast to attract its audience. Even businessmen, mentors, gurus, and many people from different industries started their personal Podcasts, which helped them to gain subscribers and followers on social media.

The super cool accessibility made the marketing channel more popular, and people started showing interest and replacing text blogs with audiobooks. Podcasts' popularity is increasing because authority professionals release their Podcasts on their respective topics.

Infographics Posts

Short information with impactful graphical presentation always catches the eyeballs. In this context, users prefer to visit a site that generates small mobile-friendly content which users can access through their smartphones. Instagram, Pinterest, and many other apps are doing good by allowing users to upload short, small, and precise content with graphics and images to make the reading interesting and appealing. The short content comes with quick remedies for problems that readers find meaningful and prefer to stay on them.

Time Consumption

The current period is running short because of a hectic lifestyle and workload, and a whole day is gone to manage the profession and family life. In this context, long-form of content will consume more productive time, which professionals won’t make it. Therefore, blog posts remain unread and unopened for many readers.

The above-stated reasons are the prime factors that blog posts slowly go out of context and replace by other means of content that are more appealing, easy to access, and thought-provoking.

How to Retain the Readers of Your Blog Posts: A Few Tips?

Blog posts have attraction power if you know how to shape the content and how to represent it. Besides, when brands require organic traffic to the business site, blogs are a powerful medium to attract leads.

SEO experts can market the blog after placing it in the proper marketing channel so that the content attracts leads and helps build the brand.

However, there are more instances needed to retain the appeal of blogs. Do the following if you want to −

  • Blog posts must contain real facts and genuine information.

  • The length of the post relevant to the subject matter

  • The language must be simple and to-the-point

  • Avoid hard words, critical phrases, and unnecessary words that readers find difficult to crack the meaning or align with the topic.

  • Using keywords that help in the Google search engine could be beneficial for a long-term purpose.

  • Be consistent in uploading blogs on digital media so your readers know your schedule and plan to read you accordingly.

Concluded Words

The blog is unmatched in organic marketing and attracts organic traffic to the business site. Marketing experts admit that while companies go for non-paid campaigns, blogs could be the most trusted channel to retain readers and generate leads. However, in this Podcast and Video marketing era, text content must compete with its intense level so that readers feel interested to read the topic and get the information they want on Google.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2023


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