Importance of Blogging for Social Media

You all might be thinking that Social Media is only used for posting content and engaging creatives that grab users' attention. But it is not so! Although not all social media channels require blogging but some social media channels such as Quora, tumbler, medium, and LinkedIn require blogging. You can post small to large articles to increase the ranking of your website in Search engines.

Many people incorrectly believe that blogging is dead as a result of the growth of social media. This is the falsest statement anyone could think of. Blogging is still popular, with 77% of internet users reading blogs on a regular basis and to grab the attention of these viewers, blogging is important. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you the top 5 reasons why blogging is still significant for social media platforms.

What is Blogging?

A blog, sometimes known as a "weblog," is an online journal or informational content on a website that is published on a regular basis by an individual, group, or organization. It is written in an informal or conversational tone and offers facts, figures, and insights that users want to know.

Blogging is considered an art. The more you write better, the more it increases the curiosity in users to read your blog. There are many bloggers all over the world but writing a perfect blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. To write a successful blog, you must include certain elements in it. These elements are −

  • High-quality content

  • Attractive headings

  • Regularly updated content

  • Involvement of readers engagement by asking questions

  • Good user interface by constructing an attractive website for blogging

  • Including pictures and graphical representations in the blogs

Top 5 Importance of Blogging for Social Media

Having a blog is a huge asset for social media marketing because it stimulates your engagement there. Sharing fresh material increases social media engagement and increases the visibility of your company as a whole. There are many benefits of writing blogs for social media. Read below to know the top 5 importance of blogging on any social media channels.

Boost visibility on SERPs

Businesses may increase the visibility of their websites to users using search engines (like Google) to find goods and services by optimizing web pages and blog posts. One of the 200+ elements the Google algorithm takes into account when determining a site's position on its search engine results page (SERP) is the number of indexed web pages or backlinks.

Backlinks are basically created by writing a unique and catchy title and attaching it to different social media pages. Actively promoting a business on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites will help it rank higher in search results. These social media accounts are a great way of backlinking your blog content to boost visibility on SERPs. In this way, a company has a chance to draw in more customers if it ranks highly on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Brings Trust in the Brand

It takes dedication and works to establish your company brand's legitimacy and trust on social media. A business can speak authoritatively on related topics related to their sector via blogging. A blog can discuss a company's processes, motives, aims, goals, and culture clearly to the audience. It operates independently of the noise present on the company's social media platforms.

One of the important ways of blogging on social media is through commenting. Basically, commenting about current events or relevant news also helps a company's reputation in the business. Building a connection requires a foundation of trust and dependability between the company and customers and blogging is a great way to do it. An updated website with relatable content provides visitors with a comprehensive understanding of a brand's identity and flourishes a long-lasting engagement with its clients.

Helps in Generating Sales

In social media, blogging is a terrific approach to turning visitors into leads or customers. Think about the next step a reader will take while reading your blog. A user generally searches for a link or a shop button or book an appointment or schedule a meeting on your blog. If your blog is interesting, a user will surely click on the provided links at the end.

Blogging is a great way to grab users' attention. Consider continuously producing great content if you want to grow your brand or business. You can track the impression and clicks on a blog to know the lead generation.

Drives Audience to Your Website

In many circumstances, visitors find your blog's social media posts to be more intriguing than ads that point them to your website. People are motivated to discover more about the company behind the words when you offer excellent content. Your content increases both your visibility on social media and in search engine rankings. Every new article you write is indexed on your website, increasing your chance to rank higher in natural search results.

Brings Long-term Result

Have you ever seen a fantastic post or creative on social media that you wanted to share only to find out it was published months or even years ago? And you are too late to find that content online? The same things happen in blogging. After the day you post it, the content doesn't suddenly vanish. No matter how many months or years pass, it will still be available for others to read. It can get famous at any point in time. Your old content can definitely be useful. The best aspect is that you can reuse it on social media and increase your exposure by reusing it.

Social media posts are those pieces of content that continue to drive traffic or create leads months after being published. According to HubSpot (2016), Social media blog entries represent 10% of all blog posts on average and drive 38% of all traffic. Thus, this concludes that blogging is a great way of bringing long-term results.


Hence, if you write a blog on social media, it has a lot to offer. You can significantly increase your exposure and establish yourself as an authority. Also, you can position yourself higher on SERPs to attract more traffic both now and in the future. If you haven't focused on blogging till now, consider starting it today. It can take your business to a higher position and you can get a lot of leads and public attention through good blogging.

Updated on: 21-Mar-2023


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