What is filtered coffee? Is it any better than other forms of coffee?

Feeling tired or bored? Sip a cup of freshly grounded filtered coffee to raise your spirits up. Coffee is the most favorite drink for many of us. The aromatic fragrance of coffee refreshes your mood giving a fresh start for the day!!

The traditional and standard forms of coffee are filtered coffee and instant coffee, while we have got many adapted versions such as Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte etc.

Filtered Coffee

Filtered Coffee is the one which is made by grinding the coffee beans into powder. This powder is added to the filter on a sieve-like a plate. A cup of hot water is poured into this and set aside. After a few minutes, the coffee decoction gets collected at the bottom of this filter.

This decoction is added to the hot milk and sugar as per the required quantity and flavor to relish your favorite cup of coffee. Some of them use Percolator instead of a filter to make the decoction. Some coffee lovers have this decoction directly without mixing milk or sugar.

Instant Coffee

These are the normal coffee powders like Bru, Nescafe Sunrise etc. available in the market. One can mix this instant powder with some hot milk and sugar to make a hot cup of coffee. This instant coffee is a dried form of decoction. The coffee powder is brewed into a decoction and then under certain pressure conditions, this decoction is processed in two methods. One is that the decoction is sprayed in a fine mist through a very hot and very dry air, where it gets converted into powder. The other is freeze-drying where chemical sublimation process is used to get the moisture out of the frozen coffee.

Whatever the process, it is said that instant coffee has less caffeine and more acrylamide than the filtered one. But almost all the coffee lovers prefer filtered coffee to instant. It is a famous tip that hot milk and warm decoction with a spoonful of sugar make a perfect coffee but when it is reheated or boiled again, the actual flavor gets degraded making the coffee taste bitter.