What are the best coffee preparations from across the globe?

There are numerous types of coffee preparation methods all across the world and out of which many methods are treated as best. However, as per my own personal opinion, I have listed these four methods as the best coffee preparation methods from across the globe.

Below is the list of top 3 coffee preparations:

Espresso Coffee

The method of preparing Espresso coffee involves pushing hot water throughout the layer of compacted ground coffee, which is contained in a port-filter. Espresso coffee contains a lot of ingredients like coffee oils, solids, flavor, and aroma and is very concentrated. It is different, as it contains a foamy layer on top and has a low volume of the drink. Having a perfect shot of espresso coffee requires training and knowledge to do it.

Turkish Coffee

The process of preparing Turkish coffee is to infuse finely ground coffee in almost boiling water. The very specific fact that is associated is its grind size which is near to the finest possible size, almost in powder form. For the residential use, manual mills work best for grinding because there are no electrical coffee grinding machines for them. Turkish coffee has the biggest body of all brewing preparation methods.

Moka Pot Coffee

This form of coffee is prepared in a device called Moka pot, that uses the pressure of steam to push water through coffee grinds, exactly identical to espresso coffee preparation method, but it works at a near much lower pressure than espresso. The pressure level in a Moka pot is nearly 1 bar, which is 8 bar less than the real espresso machine.

The coffee prepared in a Moka pot, as you would expect, is very bold, that exactly resembles espresso coffee.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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