What is a virtual image? Give one situation where a virtual image is formed.

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Virtual image:

The images formed by mirrors or lenses that can not be obtained on the screen are said to be virtual images. The light rays do not meet or intersect in real.  When any object is placed very close to a concave mirror, then no image is formed on the screen. Such images that can't be captured on the screen are said to be virtual images. Now let us know how a virtual image is formed-

Formation of virtual image:

A virtual image is formed when the light rays appear to be originating from a point but do not actually meet. It can be seen by human eyes but cannot be captured on screen. Light rays only appear to be diverging. A virtual image of an object can be formed by a convex, concave, or plane mirror.

in the diagram below, and the formation of a real image with a plane mirror is shown.

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