What importance does whatsapp status hold these days?

Well, it’s completely an individual’s choice whether he/she updates their status or not; however, it’s even good to change it on a regular basis because this is one of the things which keeps you excited about technology as well as your contact. Although, it’s true that people hardly care about your status, but still they notice what is mentioned underneath your name once in a while or when you have something exceptional.

Constantly Updating Status: A Major Threat

Those who constantly update their status are more prone to invite a threat from criminals and stalkers. A status that gives clues about you and what is going on in your life are considered most sensitives. Such users don’t even realize that they are being followed by a cunning bunch of chaps who always are in search of such soft targets, especially females. Therefore, never mention where you are currently, where you are going and what you are you up to, etc.

Then What Should I Update?

To avoid any kind of trouble, the safest way is to update neutral lines. Thoughts that denotes inspiration in some or the other way such lines are generally accepted by people without having any opposite reaction. Sarcasm is also another effective way to express yourself and get your contacts engaged. What opinion you have about latest trends can also be your status.