How does WhatsApp/Mobile Marketing help in Getting Leads: A Guide

Since WhatsApp and mobile users have reached billions, marketers have found a huge customer base to promote products and generate leads using this popular channel. The potential business is good if you know how to use the device application and upscale business. If you don’t know how to use these popular marketing channels, read the post and get the input.

When you open your WhatsApp or check your mobile inbox, you can end up promotional ads pop up. Once you buy something from your nearby store, they ask for your contact number, and you share it. Now every festival season or national celebrations day, you get a text message from the store stating that if you visited the store, buy products and avail % discount, etc.

You can imagine millions of users sharing their phone and WhatsApp numbers in different stores, outlets, and even financial organizations.

What is WhatsApp/Mobile Marketing?

The current era is not suitable for mobile marketing. WhatsApp replaced inbox texting and encouraged people to install the WhatsApp app on their smartphones by introducing amazing features for personal and professional use.

As a result, brands use the opportunity to use WhatsApp to build their brands, market their business, and promote their products through various marketing techniques and strategies. Thus, WhatsApp provides an effective communication platform and allows business owners to develop their ventures using its business features.

However, WhatsApp is also a part of digital marketing as the new technology developed the WhatsApp app to integrate marketing for small and medium business owners. Its mobile and desktop versions have specialized features to utilize the facility and run marketing operations.

Why is WhatsApp/Mobile Marketing Useful in Digital Marketing Trends?

The benefits are immense, as users nowadays are quite active on WhatsApp. Besides, it offers useful features for personal and business communications.

Here are a few more benefits −

Good Open Rates

WhatsApp includes WhatsApp Business API, the metrics to analyze WhatsApp business data. As per WhatsApp business API, its open rate is 99%. It's a treasure map for any marketing channel.

Drive Significant Sales

When you add your WhatsApp number to your website, you invite visitors to communicate with you to kill their queries. It helps to drive sales. The best part is senior citizens can contact you through your WhatsApp or mobile number if they need your product or service.

Cut Short the Competition

WhatsApp is easily accessible and has a large user base. Through WhatsApp, you can reach your potential buyers anytime. Still, many big companies do not start using this communicative tool.

Massive Reach Out

Through WhatsApp, reaching out is easy and impactful. Imagine you share your WhatsApp no with the nearest food court. With WhatsApp marketing, now you'll get a menu card, recently added menu, festival/ occasional bonus, any new offers, etc., which can drive you to visit the restaurant again and taste their dishes.

Cost-effective Operation

WhatsApp marketing is profitable as the marketing expense is less and easily fits your budget. The business API is economical and provides a useful marketing strategy for better reach and recognition.

Once you know the benefits of WhatsApp or mobile marketing, it's time to learn how this communicative site helps get leads despite the business volume.

How WhatsApp/Mobile Marketing Generate Leads: The Best Effective Ways

WhatsApp offers personal communication and business profile for users.

Note − As per the current digital marketing scenario, mobile marketing has become WhatsApp marketing. So, in the lead-generating aspects, we will talk about WhatsApp lead generation to develop your business.

Build WhatsApp Chat on your Business Website

It's said that your website does business while you're sleeping. So does your WhatsApp profile. If you add WhatsApp chat on your website, it'll work similarly. Because visitors will visit your site, and if they raise any query, they want an easy and quick solution that a WhatsApp chat can provide.

If they like your products, they'll contact your WhatsApp number and ask questions they have through chatting. This way, you can build communication with your potential customers.

Build up WhatsApp Chabot

Chatbot comes to the rescue when you're not online, but your customers ask questions investigating the products or services. Therefore, Chatbot can reply automatically and answer your customers' queries without your intervention. Thus, the WhatsApp chatbot can collect personal data, fix appointments, and arrange client meetings. These all are how to build leads.

WhatsApp Ads Campaign

Click-to-WhatsApp ads are the current feature added to run a PPC campaign on the smartphone. This feature is included to minimize the cost of paid marketing on social media, and it's a mobile version of paid marketing that you can set up for your marketing strategy.

You only need to know that in a Click-to-WhatsApp ads campaign, you must invite potential buyers to come and watch the ad you posted.

Place WhatsApp QR Code

You can create your WhatsApp QR code for good connectivity. Now you can use the QR code to build communication with your business leads. They can easily connect with you after scanning the code. Further, you can post ads on social media or other digital platforms and invite people to scan the code and connect. Remember, when you invite people, try adding value so they don't think it is a waste of time

Newsletter on WhatsApp

Mailbox users hardly check due to a lack of time or interest to see what's there. But every after 30 minutes, people open their WhatsApp account. Thus, the chance of opening the newsletter increase and you can draft useful content to generate more leads. Once the newsletter brings an advantage to their tables, they'll schedule a meeting or appointment.

Place the WhatsApp link in your Email Signature

You can place your WhatsApp profile link replacing your email signature. When receivers open the mail id and click on the link, they'll immediately connect with you on WhatsApp. It's another effective way to generate leads through your mail id base and build leads on your WhatsApp profile.

Tips to Generate Leads Using WhatsApp Marketing

After WhatsApp launched, users forgot to text on mobile. Nowadays, people hardly open their mobile inboxes; instead, they spend time on WhatsApp and communicating with whomever they want. Here we provide more tips for an effective lead-generating process.

Here are they −

  • Create a group for communication, posting necessary information, feedback, and many more

  • Quick reply to the customers using the business WhatsApp

  • Receive feedback, positive or negative.

  • Share ads on WhatsApp profile, on Status, and the group

  • Manage a list of the leads and call them to connect personally

  • Be regular in the group, answer group participants to engage them in texting

Final Words

Digitalization offers many opportunities to set up your business and run it successfully. WhatsApp/ mobile marketing offers to generate leads and turn them into loyal customers. We have covered all the possible ways to generate traffic to your website through WhatsApp. The mobile marketing era is not as popular as WhatsApp; users spend more time on WhatsApp for better communication and to avail the other interesting features of it.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2023


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