What do you mean by a Framework? Name the types of framework available.

A framework is a set of rules, guidelines and best practices that are followed to get the desired results. A testing framework should have the features listed below:

  • Should support more than one browser.

  • Should run on multiple platforms.

  • Should run on multiple programming languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby and so on.

  • Efficient handling of test data.

  • Test case creation and updating are easy and maintainable.

  • Provision for setting priority for each test case execution.

  • Efficient test report generation.

  • Proper test history maintenance for interpreting trends and analysis of execution results.

  • Integration with continuous integration tools like Jenkins.

  • Minimal manual intervention.

  • Increases efficiency and productivity.

  • Ensures efficient test code coverage.

The types of automation testing frameworks are listed below −

  • Keyword Driven Framework.

  • Data Driven Framework.

  • Behavior Driven Framework.

  • Hybrid Driven Framework.

  • Modular Framework.

Selenium can fusion with the following testing frameworks −

  • TestNG

  • Junit

  • Xebium

A good automation test framework ensures scalability and test code coverage.