What do you mean by Nutrition?

Nutrition is a process of obtaining food for growth and development of an individual. It is also a branch of science which deals with nutrients, and nutrition. Nutrition is mainly of two types-
1. Autotrophic nutrition- Exhibited by autotrophic organisms, i.e. organisms capable of preparing their own food, like plants.
2. Heterotrophic nutrition- Exhibited by organisms which depend on plants or other organisms for their nutritional requirements. For example, humans, other animals, etc.
Heterotrophic nutrition is further classified into three main types-
i) Holozoic- Ingestion of solid material, followed by its digestion is known as holozoic nutrition.
ii) Saprophytic- Feeding on dead and decaying organic matter is called saprophytic nutrition.
iii) Parasitism- Depending on the host for nutritional requirements.


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Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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