What are the user and system goals of Operating Systems?

The design of the operating system should be defined by the goals and specifications which are affected by hardware and systems. Thus there would be user goals and system goals for an OS.

User Goals

The user goals or requirements should be as follows −

  • The OS usage should be convenient

  • Should be easy to use and easy to learn

  • Should be safe and secure to use and information handling, and security should be robust

  • Should be fast in response to the user requests

System Goals

The system design requirements should be as follows −

  • The OS should be easy to design, maintain and also to implement.

  • Updates should be delivered in an easy way.

  • Adequate security and privacy should be implemented.

  • Resource sharing should be enabled for processes.

  • Should support present software and hardware and should be scalable for future requirements.

  • Should be backward compatible.

Examples of Operating system

The different electronic gadgets like Laptops, tablets, and desktop computers all run operating systems. Without an operating system they cannot communicate with the hardware parts.

Examples include

  • Versions of Microsoft Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

  • Apple's macOS is generally called OS X.

  • Chrome OS

  • BlackBerry Tablet OS

  • Flavours of Linux are an open-source operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10

Nowadays it is the most used operating system. Your smartphone runs a mobile operating system, either Apple's iOS or Google's Android. Generally people won’t think it is an operating system that runs on their gadgets. All desktop or laptop systems are using the Windows 10 operating system mostly.

Microsoft Windows consists of a control panel, a desktop and desktop assistant, disk clean-up, event viewer, and a lot more applications which are help full and acts as an user friendly. Many users prefer Microsoft Windows because they say it’s compatible with many other kinds of software.