What is the user interface and operating system interface?

The user and operating system are connected with each other with the help of interface, so interface is used to connect the user and OS.

In computers there are different types of interface that can be used for connection with computers to users and their connection is responsible for data transfer.

Also, in computers there are different interfaces. These interfaces are not necessarily used but can be used in computers whenever it is needed. So, different types of tasks can be performed by the help of different interfaces.

Command line interface

The command-line interface is an interface whenever the user needs to have different commands regarding the input and output and then a task is performed so this is called the command-line argument and it is used to execute the output and create, delete, print, copy, paste, etc.

All these operations are performed with the help of the command-line interface.

The interface is always connected to the OS so that the command given by the user directly works by the OS and a number of operations can be performed with the help of the command line interface because multiple commands can be interrupted at same time and execute only one.

The command line interface is necessary because all the basic operations in the computer are performed with the help of the OS and it is responsible for memory management. By using this we can divide the memory and we can use the memory.

Command Line Interface advantages −

  • Controls OS or application

  • faster management

  • ability to store scripts which helps in automating regular tasks.

  • Troubleshoot network connection issues.

Command Line Interface disadvantages −

  • The steeper learning curve is associated with memorizing commands and a complex syntax.

  • Different commands are used in different shells.

Graphical user interface

The graphical user interface is used for playing games, watching videos, etc. these are done with the help of GUI because all these applications require graphics.

The GUI is one of the necessary interfaces because only by using the user can clearly see the picture, play videos.

So we need GUI for computers and this can be done only with the help of an operating system.

When a task is performed in the computer then the OS checks the task and defines the interface which is necessary for the task. So, we need GUI in the OS.

The basic components of GUIs are −

  • Start menu with program groups

  • Taskbar which showing running programs

  • Desktop screen

  • Different icons and shortcuts.

Choice of interface

The interface that is used with the help of OS for a particular task and that task can be performed with minimum possible time and the output is shown on the screen in that case we use the choice of interface.

The choice of interface means the OS checks the task and finds out which interface can be suitable for a particular task. So that type of interface is called the choice of interface and this can be done with the help of an OS.