What are the different types of Mobile Operating Systems?

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The different types of mobile operating system are as follows −

Android OS (Open source)

Android Operating System is one of the popular software developed by Android Inc Company. It’s an excellent rise because it was created just in 2008.

The question is − Where can we download Android Apps?

If you've got the Android-based phone you'll realize Google Play, the Android market, where you'll find tons of applications for this OS. It’s about 700 000 apps there.

Features of Android OS

The features of Android OS are as follows −

  • The interface of Android was developed in order to fulfil all user requirements.

  • You can decorate your screen pages by widgets or you can place icons for your favorite applications whenever you would like them on. It’s available on a larger number of smartphones and there are several versions of its OS.

Apple iOS (Closed Source)

Everybody knows it. If you've got an iPhone, iPod or an IPad you recognize what I’m talking about.

Every smartphone from Apple uses such sort of software. It’s the second top-selling OS for smartphones within the world.

The question is − How is Android different from iOS? Android and Apple are two strong competitors. For many, it's always hard to make a decision, which OS among Android and iOS is the best.

The key difference between these two mobile phone OS is that the iOS is made to run only on Apple’s smartphone line.

The interface of this OS was unchanged since the primary iPhone was developed in 2007.

Another question arises as to where to find Apps for iOS?

The apps for this OS are often purchased within the official Apple app store, which has about 700 000 apps and games. This OS was made for people that want a straightforward interface and a gorgeous design.

Windows mobile (Closed source)

Windows mobile may be a mobile OS for smartphones and mobile devices from Microsoft Corp.

Design Specification for Windows OS

Instead of standard icons, the screen of the Windows smartphone is roofed with different coloured squares. The design also provides tons of huge text and an easy interface.

The interesting feature of Windows OS is that there is also a really interesting feature of this OS – Kids corner.

The question is − What is Kids Corner in Windows OS?

It creates a separate corner for teenagers in order that they can’t reach your personal data. This OS is ideal for people that just like the PC OS and fogeys, who want to ban their personal information from children.

Blackberry (Closed Source)

Blackberry mobile operating system is developed specially for the blackberry device.

This OS runs only on blackberry phones like Curve, Perl, Blackberry bold and Storm series. This OS is analogous to Apple iOS because it can’t run on different brands of phones.

Now the question is − Which Platform is used for developing Blackberry Apps?

Mainly all the Blackberry applications were written on the Java platform. But in 2010 it introduced the new platform, which makes use of the widget SDK.

Prevention of Malware and Virus

Now let us see how to prevent malwares and viruses on mobile operating systems. There are three ways to prevent malware and viruses on a mobile OS device which are as follows −

  • Download and update security patches whenever they come because companies release them to make your device more secure from new kinds of malwares and viruses.

  • Don't install apps from unofficial websites because they might be integrated with a virus or a malware.

  • Don't click on ads that show on websites they are also integrated with various viruses or they can take you to a malicious website.

The above three ways also help you to make your data safe because some viruses and malware can leak your data. Besides these you should use a strong pin or pattern so that it can't be accessible by anyone.

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