What are the types of Steganography?

Steganography is not only the art of hiding information but also hiding the element of transmission of secret information. Steganography hides the secret information in another file in such a method that only the recipient understand the existence of message.

In ancient time, the data was secured by hiding it on the back of wax, scripting tables, and stomach of rabbits or on the scalp of the slaves. But today’s there are some people transmit the information in the form of text, images, video, and audio over the medium.

It can be securely transmission of confidential information, the multimedia objects such as audio, video, images are used as a cover sources to hide the information.

There are various types of steganography which are as follows −

Text steganography − It includes hiding data within the text files. In this approach, the secret information is hidden behind each nth letter of each words of text message. Numbers of approaches are available for hiding information in text file.

Image steganography − It can hiding the information by taking the cover object as image is defined as image steganography. In image steganography, pixel intensities are used to conceal the data.

In digital steganography, images are broadly utilized cover source because there are multiple bits presents in computer description of an image.

There are various terminology of Image Steganography which are as follows −

  • Cover-Image − Original image which can be used as a carrier for hidden information.

  • Message − Actual information which can be used to hide into images. Message can be a plain text or some other image.

  • Stego-Image − After embedding message into cover image is called a stegoimage.

  • Stego-Key − A key can be used for embedding or deriving the messages from cover-images and stego-images.

Audio steganography − Audio Steganography is the technology of embedding information in an audio channel. It can be used for digital copyright security.

Watermarking is an approach which hides one piece of information [message] in another element of information [carrier]. It is generally used for applications including audio clip etc.

Video steganography − It is an approach of concealing some kind of documents or information into computer video format. In this method, video (set of pictures) can be used as carrier for hiding the information.

Generally discrete cosine transform (DCT) insert the values (such as 8.667 to 9) which can be utilized to conceal the data in each of the images in the video, which is unnoticeable by the human eye. H.264, Mp4, MPEG, AVI are the layout used by video steganography.

Network or protocol steganography − It includes hiding the information by creating the network protocol including TCP, UDP, ICMP, IP etc. as cover object. In the OSI layer network model there happen covert channels where steganography can be utilized.

Updated on: 11-Mar-2022

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