What are the advantage and disadvantage of Steganography?

Steganography is an approach that simplify hiding of a message that is to be maintain secret within other message. This result is the secrecy of the hidden message itself. Steganography approach can be used to images, a video file or an audio file.

The use of steganography such as watermarking which hides copyright data inside a watermark by overlaying document not easily invented by the naked eye. This avoids fraudulent actions and provides copyright secured media more protection.

Advantage of Steganography

The advantage of steganography is as follows −

  • The advantage of steganography is that messages do not send consideration to themselves. Clearly detectable encrypted message no matter how tough will stimulate suspicion, and may in themselves be compromising in countries where encryption is illegitimate.

  • In steganography, cryptography secures the contents of a message, steganography can be said to secure both messages and connecting parties.

  • This approach featured security, capacity, and robustness, the three needed element of steganography that creates it beneficial in hidden exchange of data through text files and creating secret communication.

  • There are some important files carrying confidential data can be in the server in and encrypted form and No intruder can receive some beneficial information from the initial file during transmit.

  • With the need of Steganography Corporation government and law enforcement agencies can connect privately.

  • The major objective of steganography is to connect privately in a completely imperceptible aspect and to prevent drawing uncertainty to the transmission of a hidden information. It is not to maintain others from understanding the hidden data, but it is to maintain others from thinking that the data even exists. If a steganography approach generates someone to suspect the carrier medium, thus the method has unsuccessful.

  • The advantage of steganography is that it can be generally used to secretly send messages without the case of the transmission being found. By using encryption, it can recognize the sender and the receiver.

  • Steganography has a double component of protection such as first, the file itself is secret and second, the data in it is encoded.

Disadvantage of Steganography

The disadvantage of Steganography is as follows −

  • There are large number of information, huge file size, therefore someone can suspect about it.

  • If this approach is gone in the wrong hands such as hackers, terrorist, criminals then this can be very much critical.

  • Steganography is not without its disadvantages. However, these can be rectified and once it is performed and it can strengthen the element of steganography.

  • Most data hiding approach take advantage of human perceptual deficiency, but they have deficiency of their own. However, these can be independently rectified.

  • The major disadvantage of steganography is that, unlike cryptography, it needed a lot of overhead to hide associatively few bits of information. Because the steganographic system is found, it is rendered useless. However, it fares no worse than cryptography and is still the preferred medium.