What is the uses of Steganography?

Steganography is the art of hiding data and an effort to hide the existence of the embedded data. It serves as a superior method of securing message than cryptography which only hide the content of the message not the existence of the message.

Original message is being unseen within a carrier such that the changes so appeared in the carrier are not apparent. There are various uses of steganography is as follows −

  • Steganography can be a solution which creates it applicable to send news and data without being censored and without the fear of the messages being prevented and traced back to us.

  • It is also applicable to simply use steganography to save data on a location. For example, several information sources like the private banking information, some military secrets, can be saved in a cover source.

    When it is required to unhide the secret data in the cover source, and it can simply reveal the banking information and it will be impossible to validate the existence of the military secrets inside.

  • Steganography can be generally used to perform watermarking. Although the concept of watermarking is not certainly steganography. There are several steganographic approaches that are being utilized to save watermarks in data.

    The major difference is on decided, while the aim of steganography is hiding data, watermarking is hardly extending the cover source with more data.

    Because people will not accept noticeable changes in images, audio or video files because of a watermark, steganographic approach can be used to conceal this.

  • E-commerce enables for an interesting requirement of steganography. In current e-commerce transactions, some users are secured by a username and password, with no real approach of checking that the user is the actual card holder.

    Biometric finger print browsing, connected with specific session IDs installed into the fingerprint images through steganography. It can enable for a very secure choice to open ecommerce transaction verification.

  • It can be paired with current communication methods, steganography can be used to accomplish hidden exchanges. Governments are interested in two types of hidden communications such as those that support national security and those that do not.

    Digital steganography supports big hidden for both types. Businesses can have same concerns regarding trade secrets or new product data.

  • The transportation of responsive information is another key use of steganography. A potential issue with cryptography is that eavesdroppers understand they have an encrypted message when they examine one.

    Steganography enables to transport of responsive information past eavesdroppers without them understanding any responsive information has passed them.

    The concept of using steganography in data transportation can be used to only about any data transportation approach, from E-Mail to images on Internet websites.

  • The major uses of steganography is that it can be used to secretly send messages without the fact of the transmission being found.

Updated on: 11-Mar-2022

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