What are the methods for sanitizing user inputs with PHP?

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Sanitizing of inputs is an interesting concept in PHP. Sanitizing means escaping the unauthorized characters in the input. Let's learn some best practices to process the inputs in a safe and secure way.

Use of real_escape_string() funnction in mysqli statements.


   $conn= new mysqli("localhost", "root","","testdb");
   $street = $conn->real_escape_string($_POST['street']);

we can use htmlentities() and html_entity_decode() while insert data in database and displaying in Browser.


   $data['message'] = htmlentities($message);//at the time of insert in database
   echo html_entity_decode($data['message']); //at the time of display in browser

Sanitize user-input when in Command Prompt by using escapeshellarg.

Example −

<?php system('ls '.escapeshellarg($data['dir']));?>
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