what are the latest apple products?

Here are some of the latest Apple products unveiled at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2017.

iMac Pro

  • Apple introduced a brand new model for existing iMac which is focused on offering strong performances.

  • All new iMac pro comes out with a 27-inch screen with 5K display and space gray finish.

  • Now, the iMac will feature Intel Xenon processors with 8,10 and 18 core options. It also comes with 128GB memory and one TB of storage space. It has 3 USB-c ports and includes new Radeon Vega graphics. It will be priced around 5000USD.


  • Apple also announces upgrades for existing iMac systems. All the new models will get a brighter display at 500nits which is 43% brighter than existing iMac display.

  • More RAM options are offered with 32GB and 64GB for 27inches iMac system.

  • In addition to this, a new graphic card is introduced into iMac i.e Intel Iris plus 640 for a 21-inch no retina display and Radeon pro 555 and 666 for retina display.

MacBook Pro and MacBook.

  • The changes made to MacBook Pro and MacBook notebooks are particularly notable.

  • There is no huge difference in these new models from the existing models but the major change made is that the new MacBook Pro and MacBook are coming out with Intel seventh-generation processor.

  • The 15inch notebooks are also added with faster storage and standard graphics.

iPad Pro

  • It has been more than a year since iPad got an update from Apple. There are models i.e 9.7-inch screen display and 12.9 inches screen display.

  • Now, the new iPad Pro is replaced with 10.5-inch display instead of a 9.7-inch screen display.

  • Both the 10.5 inch and 12.9-inch iPad pros will come with a faster processor they come with A10X which is replaced with A9X and the new processor is said to be 40 percent faster than the old one.

  • The battery life is improved with 10 hours standby and the two models start with 64GB memory. The price starts from 649USD said the apple company.


  • Apple has introduced the brand new operating system which is the next version of the present operating system.

  • iOS 11 will include a new design control center that puts all the control center features onto a single page.

  • New male and female voices are added to Siri to translate languages. Ios11 also brings new app drawer at the bottom of imessage which gives easier access to other applications.

macOS High Sierra

  • There are many notable updates coming to apple and one among them is macOS high sierra.

  • Many changes are made in existing high sierra and the major change is that Apple introduced File system to Mac which enables faster file copying and crash protection.


  • Apple has introduced a brand new hardware product at WWDC 2017. It is a voice-controlled smart speaker and it is aiming to differentiate with Amazon Echo and Google home by putting additional features to the product.

  • It includes 4inch woofer and seven tweeters, it will also include Apple's A8 chip which is highest for a smart speaker which will automatically detect spaces in a room and automatically adjust it audio.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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