What are the foods that are unsafe for your baby when he/she start eating solids?

When your little bundle of joy completes his/her 6 months of age, it is recommended to start giving them some solid foods. At this point in time, you might get some advice from your family members, close relatives or friends regarding what you should give to your child and what not.

There are still many myths around that are considered as unsafe and safe for your little one's appetite.

But, you must know what eatables are unsafe and are not good for your baby's health.

The following is a list of some foods and beverages that could threaten your toddler’s health:

  1. Whole Nuts: Say a clear 'NO' to whole nuts as it can be hazardous to your baby's health and can result in choking as well. Whole nuts or spoonfuls of peanut butter should be avoided until your child reaches the age of five.

  2. Grapes: Be careful while feeding it to your baby! Whole grapes must be cut from your baby's meals as they could possibly choke your little one. But still, if you want to feed your baby, you could cut grapes into smaller pieces.

  3. Cow’s Milk at the Age of One: Babies can digest breast milk more easily than cow’s milk. So, cow's milk can wait until one year to prevent indigestion.

  4. Raw Vegetables and Fruits: Raw fruits and vegetables are safe for your infant when they are thoroughly washed/peeled as they may contain bacteria.

  5. Cherry Tomatoes? May Be! You can give your baby cherry tomatoes when they are cut into small pieces or else, they pose the risk of choking.

  6. Raisins: You should avoid mixed raisins until your baby reaches the age of nine months as it can choke your baby.

  7. Uncooked/raw eggs? A Definite No! You must say a 'BIG NO' to lightly cooked or undercooked eggs as they contain salmonella bacteria; therefore, increased the risk of food poisoning in your baby. In addition to this, you must avoid homemade mayonnaise and mousses as they are made of raw eggs. Also, it's better to avoid feeding cake batter containing raw eggs to your infant.

  8. Keep Your Baby Away from Junk Food! Junk food like pizzas, pasta, and burgers should be avoided at any cost as they are rich in salt content, making them hazardous to your baby's health.

  9. Don't give your infant foods that are cooked with spirits or liqueurs!

  10. Avoid Feeding Liver Pate to your infant as it can cause food poisoning.

  11. Say NO to Seafood as it is unsafe for your baby.

  12. Avoid feeding your infant bacon as it could be too salty for his/her liking!

  13. Don't give your baby mould-ripened soft cheeses as they may contain bacteria which is injurious to your child’s health.

  14. Avoid convenience foods as they are often rich in sugar, salt, and fat content and are also loaded with lots of preservatives.

  15. Canned food or soups should be avoided as they contain preservatives and salt content.

  16. Sugar coated cereals should also be avoided as they pose a risk of cavities in your baby's teeth.

  17. Tea and coffee? No, because it contains caffeine and tannins which are not good for your baby' sleep routine.

  18. No processed crackers or biscuits should be fed to your baby as these have a high salt content.

  19. Soft Drinks? Surely not because these beverages are loaded with artificial sweeteners, which is hazardous for your baby’s developing teeth and can cause irritability in your child.

  20. Avoid crisps as they are not safe for your child's consumption.