What are the evil effects of using mobile phones?

Technology has become inseparable in our day to day lives and mobile phones are the most crucial part of this technology which will be used every day by every body. We can find an illiterate person but not a person without a mobile phone in India. Shashi Tharoor had written that how right from a working professional to an istriwaalah (iron man) or a nariyalpaamiwaala (one who sells coconut water) has a mobile phone these days. This era is also the era of smartphones with maximum users using Android or IOS.

However, these SMART phones have also proven to be a bane for many reasons such as:

  • Harmful Radiations − The radiations on which the mobile phones actually lead to major health issues like infertility, the risk of stroke, brain tumor, issues with eyesight, etc. Many leading doctors and researchers repeatedly highlight the impact that mobile phones have on one’s health in newspapers, TV shows, etc to create awareness among the masses.

  • Leads to Addiction − One of the major negative points of a using a mobile phone is also the addiction that it creates especially in this era of smartphones. The addition to various social networking sites, games, shopping apps, youtube and much more is getting worse day by day.

  • Road accidents − India actually accounts for 50% of total selfie death on roads and also it is one of the top countries where accidents are rampant mainly by picking up ng calls on the road. Mobile phones have taken the form of a curse in these incidents taking the toll of many lives.

  • Connect to the virtual world and actual isolation − With an increase in the no. of hours on mobile, an individual is actually disconnecting with the real world and the people around him. A child watches a video on youtube on the dining table rather than talking to the parents about the happening of the day. This one example gives insight into negative effects on social relationships caused by mobiles and excessive advancement of technology.

  • A source of distraction in classrooms − Any research or survey conducted on professors will highlight that mobile phones have become the biggest distraction among college students in the classroom learning atmosphere minimizing their existing concentration which ultimately leads to behavior issues in the classroom unable to establish connections with content.