What are some signs that tell me that I don't have enough protein in my diet?

Protein is very important for our body cells. Our body needs protein to repair the tissues and build it stronger. Not only this but protein is also an important supplement to bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood etc. It also develops hormones and other body chemicals which is important for the human body and growth.

Below are the signs which will tell you that enough protein is not included in your diet:

If you consume low protein, you may face different problems like:

  • Unable to lose weight.

  • Low Energy Level − Low protein makes your body week which results in low energy, laziness and makes you dull. So, take proper protein to be energetic.

  • Low Immunity − If you are getting sick with cold etc. easily than earlier, it means your immune system is weak, so start taking good protein diet, this helps in boosting up your immunity.

  • Mood Swings − Protein is a long chain of Amino Acid or we can say that protein includes amino acid which controls your mood and helps you in keeping calm and energetic with a positive feeling.

  • Low Concentration Power − If you are lacking proper protein in the diet, you may face low concentration in your work or studies and face fatigue.

  • Muscles and Joint Pains − Doing workout and not taking proper diet with protein can lead to joint and muscles pain.

  • Cholesterol and Diabetes Issues − Taking proper diet of protein food will cure cholesterol issue.

  • Face Issues In Muscles Building − If you are doing a workout, then you need proper protein diet to repair tissues and build new ones else you will constantly suffer from fatigue and body pain.

  • Slow Healing − If you notice that your wounds are healing late than before, it can be a sign of low in protein.

  • Poor Sleep − You must take some protein diet before going to bed to get rid of it.