What are some of the thought-provoking incidents occurred in your life and made you way more mature than you were?

Life is a mixed bed of roses and thorns. Good times do not always prevail and the same case is with the ugly times. However, bad times do teach us something, which makes us more mature than what we are today.

Anecdote From My Life

This incident happened when I was in my college. My mother was not keeping well and I was quite worried about my college hostel. I had my exams so, I could not visit her. But although physically I was in college, mentally I used to be worrying about her.

Just like me, my maternal uncle was also worried about her health. He used to call me and ask about her whereabouts and used to persuade me to pay a visit to her. He could not come from abroad to visit my mother due to office work commitments.

His repeated calls to convince me to be with my mother frustrated me to the core. One day, as a result, I rebuked him for interfering in our lives. Days passed and he did not call me or my mother. My conscience daily scolded me for misbehaving with him. I mustered up the courage to apologize to him because I knew communication is the only way to solve matters, whether trivial or complex. He was angry with me initially, but my heartfelt emotions could be felt by him and he accepted my apology.

This incident of my life made me mature. It made me understand that a proper key opens any lock, howsoever complex the situation be. Discussion helps in bridging the gap and avoiding any confusion and misunderstanding. Relations are very important to maintain in life. We are all humans, a social being. We cannot live in isolation. So, we should try and be humble to everyone and learn from our past mistakes.