What are some good beginner's projects in Python?

In this article, we will learn some good beginner projects in python.

Python programming skills can be used to earn money in the following ways −

  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Monty Hall Simulation Problem
  • Guessing the number
  • Snake Game
  • Horoscope
  • Dice Rolling Simulator
  • Google Image downloader
  • Password Generator
  • GIF Creator
  • Pong Game
  • Acronym

Rock Paper Scissors

One of the favourite Python projects for beginners is Rock Paper Scissors (or RPS). It's simple enough, but it's still difficult because you have to consider how to translate the game rules into logic for the code.

The rules are pretty simple as follows −

  • Paper wins over rock
  • Rock wins over scissors
  • Scissors win over paper

Allow your program to generate a random response for the computer but do not display it. Then, ask for an answer from the player.

Monty Hall Simulation Problem

The Monty Hall problem is named after a famous film in which three doors are used to help you win a car. How? Each door hides something—a car and two goats. Any door can have the car, while the other two can have goats. The probability of finding a car is ⅓. If you choose Door 1 and the host opens Door 3 to find a goat, your chances drop to ⅔. This program will assist you in resolving this issue.

The simulation's key points are as follows −

  • Because there are three doors, a random permutation of the numbers 1, 2, and 3, with each number representing a door, would be generated. The first two numbers in this permutation correspond to the location of goats behind the door, while the third number relates to the location of a car behind the door.

  • The configuration is graphically illustrated using images. Each arrangement has a unique image.

  • After the user has picked a door number based on the puzzle, only the door with a goat behind it will be disclosed. The user can disclose one of the other two doors by selecting the door behind which the car is parked. If the user chooses a door with a goat behind it, only one of the two remaining doors can be exposed (as the previously selected door cannot be revealed).

Guessing the number

Another simple Python application you can develop in a few lines of code requires the user to guess a number. It should create a number between 0 and 100 at random. The player must then estimate what that number is.

If the user makes an incorrect guess, the application should notify them that their guess is either too low or too high. When the user correctly guesses, your program should ask them to play again.

For example, you can increase the difficulty by limiting the number of guesses to 5.

Snake Game

We have an aged addiction to the snake game on older Nokia phones. But, of course, we no longer have it. What if you could write this in Python for yourself? Beginner Python programmers who want to make something easier in their area should attempt this, and the Turtle module was developed specifically for beginners to try and submit as part of the project. Python 3 will be used to complete the project.


Make a simple horoscope application that asks the user for their star sign and returns an amusing horoscope. Keep in mind that if the user enters their sign incorrectly, your program should display an error message.

Dice Rolling Simulator

As the program's title suggests, we will be simulating rolling dice. This exciting Python project creates a random number each time the program is run. The user can roll the dice as many times as he wishes. When the user rolls the dice, the application will generate a random number between 1 and 6.

The number will then be shown to the user. In addition, the application asks users if they want to roll the dice again. Furthermore, the application should be able to randomly select and print a number between 1 and 6.

Google Image downloader

Do you require a large number of images for a new project? Then simply execute this application to download endless photos for a given topic. Only make sure you don't breach any copyright concerns and offer proper credit to the owner if necessary.

Password Generator

Create Python software that produces a random password for the user. Make certain that your program accepts the following user inputs:

  • How lengthy should the password be?
  • How many characters should there be?
  • Should it contain both uppercase and lowercase letters?
  • Should it also include numbers and special symbols?

The nicest part about this simple Python code is that it can generate secure passwords for your user accounts on the Internet.

GIF Creator

A GIF is an animated series of images that creates the illusion of movement. Do you want to make your own? Here's a Python project for making animated GIFs.

As well-known as the gif market has grown in recent years, demand for high-quality gifs is increasing. Most individuals use these to communicate with others on social media sites such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. Here, we will design a GIF Creator that generates GIFs from images.

Pong Game

Building a small Pong game is one of the simplest projects for learning Python for simple video games. The Pygame library can help you design and write your game faster.

One of the most exciting methods to learn Python is to create basic yet entertaining games. Also, while playing, you will receive more ideas for further improving your game and adding new features.


An acronym A Python application will convert a given phrase or text into its acronym. That is, a phrase comprised of the first letters of every word in the text.

To make your acronym simpler to read, use Python to convert the letters to uppercase. Consider how the software will accept text from the user while keeping that user input separate from the logic itself.


Overall, constructing Python projects involves understanding how to solve problems on your own using Python code. There are multiple project ideas to explore, and you will most likely come up with a few of your own as you go.