What are some good tools to visualize MySQL database schema?

There are many tools to visualize MySQL database schema. Let us see some of them −


This tool is based on java and can be used to analyze the metadata of MySQL database schema. Also use it to generate a visual representation of schema. A type of command line tool.

The following are the features

  • Supports most JDBC compliant DBMS
  • Generates ER diagram for foreign keys
  • Generates ER diagram for implied relationships (name, type) of a column matches a primary key
  • Generates ER diagram for relationships based on rails naming conventions
  • Shows column relationship and actions
  • Shows routines


This is also a tool and an API that can be used to work with MySQL database schema. SchemaCrawler supports almost all databases that contains JDBC driver. You can also use it to generate database schema diagram.

SchemaCrawler provides metadata for the following database objects −

  • Column data types
  • Tables and views
    • Columns
    • Primary keys
    • Indexes
    • Table constraints
    • Triggers
    • Foreign keys
  • Routines, including functions and stored procedures
  • Sequences
  • Synonyms
  • Privileges and grants

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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