What are some good Python Automation Project Ideas?

In this article, we will learn some good Python automation project ideas.

When we talk about "automation," most people think of big technological developments and employment losses. However, there are far more positive aspects of automation than negative aspects. Automation is a blessing for expert procrastinators and lazy technologists.

What is Automation?

Automation is the process of programming numerous actions, procedures, and operations that may be executed by machines with minimal human help.  By shifting regular activities to the system, automation avoids manual repetition.

What should be automated? Automation is a broad field, and you may imagine automating nearly anything in your daily life.

Starting with the minute you wake up: What do you do once you get a cup of hot coffee? Examine the news! We can also automate that. Scrolling and surfing through news websites is a tedious job, especially in the early morning. Simply put, we can use a Python app to automate this job and run it every morning.

The following are some good automation python project ideas.

Fully Automated Crypto Trading Bot

There are numerous automatic crypto trading bots available on the market. Why not try making one ourselves?

Here's a project to see if we can create software that buys and sells cryptocurrencies for us while also testing whether it can trade a given amount of money if left unsupervised.

This project requires a basic understanding of cryptocurrency math as well as some programming skills.

The trading approach employed here is "trend following." It is essentially investing based on momentum. In trend−following, we determine the average price of cryptocurrency and determine if it is increasing or decreasing.

If it is increasing, we have an uptrend, which is a good time to buy, and if it is dropping, we have a downtrend, which is a good time to sell.

Compare the current real-time pricing to the previous average price. If the current price is higher than the average price, there is an uptrend; if it is lower or equal, there is a downtrend.

Well, that's simply a hazy understanding of how trading works. Before we start the project, we need a cryptocurrency exchange to help us buy and sell currencies. There are numerous such exchanges with API available, which aids in the execution of trading code.

Don't use this approach to invest all of your money. We are not providing you with any financial advice. Take this as a fun project. If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies and investing, you can take this automation seriously.

Secure Password Manager using Python

Keeping track of several passwords for various websites can be a difficult job. At the same time, keeping your credentials(passwords) safe from unknown sources is a major worry.

For storing your passwords, there exist password managers such as LastPass, Dashlane, and others. But why use those platforms when you can make your own password manager?

This problem is solved with a password manager written in Python and SQL. The SQL database can store all of our passwords in the encrypted form here. This encryption employs a hashing function.

To access the database, you only need to remember one master password. So, every time you need to enter a password, simply go to the database, copy and paste the needed password, and that's all there is to it.

If you use a lot of online websites and apps, this is a project you should think about undertaking to secure your passwords.

Automatic Time Tracking Tool

If you're a productivity nerd, this is a fantastic project. This project can help you manage your time more effectively and increase your productivity.

The goal of this project is to automatically track the current website or application that is being used, as well as the amount of time spent on various sites and applications. The data will be saved in a JSON file and can be accessed later as needed.

We can particularly discuss tracking your use of specific apps or websites that you frequently visit. This project can help you analyze and control your social media activity.

Automatic Desktop Cleaner

Everyone likes to keep their desktop clean at all times. We dislike seeing a desktop overloaded with junk and worthless files. If you prefer to keep your desktop organized, you should certainly consider completing this automated project.

The automatic desktop cleaner will be a project that will assist you in organizing various files and folders on your computer as well as removing garbage/junk files.

Some of the features of this desktop cleaner include automatic file positioning of downloaded files in appropriate folders, file organization based on specified criteria, and file arrangement based on file type.

Instagram Automation

Social media plays an active role in our everyday lives, and the activities we engage in on these apps are nearly always repetitive. Why not try automating these social media tasks?

We are attempting to automate Instagram actions such as photo uploading, following, unfollowing users, and so on in this project. Instabot is utilized to interface with Instagram in this case.

A similar method can be used to automate other social media activity also.

Web Scraping using Python

Web scraping is a technique for converting the entire internet into a database. Large volumes of data are extracted from web apps and websites using this method.

The data extracted from these sites is typically saved as tables in a local database or file on the computer. Beautiful soup, selenium, and pandas libraries are used to automate web scraping.

This project can help you get started on other web scraping ideas.


These are some interesting Python automation ideas. The more you deal with them, the more thrilling it becomes. The potential for automation is everywhere, and if you can do some brainstorming, you can find solutions to automate many tasks.

Because anything and everything can now be automated, begin with some of these projects and then experiment with automating your favorite activities.