What are some common funeral etiquette?

When we go to a funeral, one often does not know in the burst of emotions how to carry oneself. But, it is imperative to know certain funeral etiquettes which might help one in not landing in any sort of trouble.

Common Funeral Etiquette

  • Silence: One should be sitting quietly while attending someone’s funeral.

  • No Mobile Wen In Funeral: Cell phones should be off or completely silent during any service if it is really necessary to carry a smartphone. One should keep in mind not even to put the phone on vibration mode, else it disturbs everyone.

  • Respect Time: One should not be late in any circumstance. It is highly disrespectful if one is not punctual in these cases unless any huge emergency occurs.

  • No Gaudy Clothes: It is said,’One feels what one wears.’ Thus one should not wear any bright colored clothes for such a grim occasion. Stick to blacks, whites, and greys.

  • No Chattering: Talking nonsense is a big nightmarish thought in such a setting. Avoid speaking, if one must speak, speak only what is essential.

  • No Laughing: It is highly unrespectable and rude of one smiling or laughing in event of someone’s death or sad demise. Avoid laughing.

  • Keep Children Away: It is suggested not to take your children along. But if there is no one to take care of them at home, at least make sure they do not play or make noise, neither laughing nor screaming.

  • Sympathy Card: In case you cannot attend a funeral because of some unforeseen emergency circumstances, show some concern by sending a sympathy card. If that is not possible, one may call or message on the mobile phone to sympathize with the nears and dears of the dead.

  • Send Flowers: Flowers are a symbol of innocence and good wishes. One sends flowers in case of somebody in a hospital to get well soon. So, why should one not send when a person is no more to his family?

  • While it is suggested to stay in touch with the family of the deceased post his/her death, it is advisable not to overindulge as it may be undesirable too in case of the recent death.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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