Water Polo - Playing Environment


A whole 25-yard, 6 or 8 lane pool is considered to be the field of play. Colored lines are used to mark the field of play in bigger pools. The markings can be done as follows −

  • White − from goal line to the point of exclusion area.

  • Red − These are the lines marked from 2-meter line to goal line.

  • Yellow − Usually 5-meter line to 2-meter lines are marked in this color.

Playing Environment

The following table explains the functions of the marked areas in a pool that is used for Water Polo −

Marked Area Function
Goal Line
  • Ball crossing this line into the net is counted as a goal.

  • If the reverse of the above happens then the ball is out of bounds.

2-meter line
  • The players having balls are only allowed into this line.

  • Offensive players other than the ball holder are not allowed.

5-meter line
  • Defensive team committing foul inside this boundary is awarded with Penalty and opponent team is rewarded with Penalty Throw.

  • Offensive player committing foul outside this line is given the chance of immediate shooting at the opponent’s goal.

  • After a team hits a goal the game is restarted from this line.

  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to go near this line.