Water Polo - Officials


As we are learning about the water polo playing tactics, we must know about the various officials and their roles on the field. The officials in this game can be divided into two categories −

  • Game officials
  • Table officials

Game officials are those who are responsible for the smooth running of the match whereas table officials are there to update the score and to report the management board about the smooth operation of the match. The officials and their roles are as follows −


The referee has the ultimate decision making power over secretary, goal judges, and time keepers. He signals about fouls, goals, penalties, timeouts, starting, ending, and restarting of the match through hand and whistle. In lower level tournaments, one referee is enough whereas in higher tournaments two referees can be present virtually. A referee can also take the position of goal judges in case the goal judge is absent.


Goal Judge

The role of a goal judge is to signal a goal and corner throws. He also takes care of starting the game after the quarters and signals improper start of the game after each quarter.

Time Keeper

The role of the time keeper is to use 30 second clock and shot clock. Along with this, he updates the score on the electronic board and gives signal if one minute is left for the completion of the quarter or match.


The secretary advises the water polo management on smooth running of the match. He also acts as a mediator between players and management. Along with this, he conducts meetings with the management as and when necessary.