Water Polo - Equipment


Water polo is a sport played in water, so it is obvious that the instruments which are going to be used over here, are different than the similar kind of sport being played on the ground. Let’s have a look at them.

Ball − The ball is made up of water proof material. Its cover is so designed and textured that it gives additional grip to the player. It floats on water and its size varies for men and women category of championships.

Cap − A cap is used for the protection purpose. The aim is to protect ear and head. It is also used to differentiate the teams. The team who is playing in their home ground wears white colored caps while the visiting team wears dark colored caps other than white. The goalkeepers wear red caps having ear protectors.

Goalpost − Goalposts are placed on both sides of the pool. They are made to float on water using floaters. They are usually made up of glass reinforced polyester resin. The supporting framework is made up of steel to give additional strength. Four stanchion sockets and one pair of backings are required for each pair of cages.

Mouth Guard − This is the most important instrument for the players. While diving under water, sometimes players face heavy impact. This will ensure player’s protection from that. A good mouth guard is one that allows easy breathing and clear speaking while playing.

Swimsuit − Swim briefs or jammers (tight length trunks) are the swimsuit costume for male players. Female players wear one-piece swimsuit. Tight fitting swimsuits are important because suit grabbing fouls are common in this game. It should be made up of reinforced fabric and tougher stitching.