Two ores A and B were taken. On heating ore A gives CO2 whereas, ore B gives SO2. What steps will you take to convert them into metals?

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(a) ore A gives CO2 gas, hence, it is a metal carbonate.
Steps taken to convert the metal carbonate into metal:
Metal carbonate heated strongly in the presence of limited supply of air it gives us:- $MCO_3 \xrightarrow {heat} MO + CO_2$  
Reduction: The oxide ore is reduced with carbon (coke).
$MO + C \rightarrow M +CO$

(b) ore B gives SO2 gas, hence, it is a metal sulphide.
Steps taken to convert the metal sulphide into metal:
Roasting- Metal sulphide heated in the presence of excess air, then it gives us:-
$MSO_3\xrightarrow {heat} [air] MO + SO_2$  
Reduction: The metal oxide is reduced to metal by a most common reducing agent called carbon or coke.
$MO + C \rightarrow M +CO$
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