Trial Biking - Techniques


In order to overcome all the obstacles, players need to master a lot of techniques. The player should know all about good bike riding and should have controlling ability. Some of the bike riding techniques are as follows −

Back Hop

One of the basic techniques in trial biking is back hop. It is mostly performed to get a backward jump while the player is still on the bike after a failed attempt at an obstacle. It is performed by players to back off and regain control after a failed attempt of gaining control over an obstacle.

The players first lift the handlebars while giving a back force on the pedals to lift the front wheel and once the handlebars are lifted, they try to control the balance by kicking and hopping on the pedals.

Bunny Hop

Bunny hop is a very essential technique for clearing obstacles and climbing rocks and walls. To perform this technique, the players first bring their chest near the handlebars while bending down their knees. Then they need to lift the handlebars in backward position to lift the front wheel to the maximum level while standing on the pedals and pulling the handlebars towards their laps.

Bunny Hop

Once the front wheel is off the ground, the next part is to get the back wheel off the ground for which the players have to scoop their legs upward while pointing their back foot. Once both wheels are off the ground, the player need to push down the handlebar while getting their hip part behind the bike for a perfect landing.

Pedal kicks

The pedal kick or pedal hop is considered as one of the most versatile and complex techniques in trial biking. It is mostly performed in order to jump off a small distance. For this technique, the pedals should be brought to horizontal position first.

Then the player has to raise the front wheels by pulling the handlebars in backward direction and then suddenly try to give a pedal kick while moving his hips back and forth and standing on the rear wheel. For the next jump after the landing, the pedals should again have to be brought back to the initial horizontal position.

Side hops

Side hops are mostly performed in case of mounting on an obstacle that is placed in the sideways. Initially, the player has to compress his body on the bike and then pulling the handle bar to lift the front wheel while kicking the pedals forward which will make the bike jump high leaping in the air.

Side Hops

While being airborne, the player needs to lean towards the obstacles focusing mostly to place the front wheel at the target position. He/she needs to push the front wheel forward on to the target surface which will make the rear wheel coax up to the same height level as that of front wheel and land safely on the obstacle.