Top 10 Trending Features of LinkedIn and Naukri for Effective Usage

We live in an era where connecting with global talent could not have been easier. Companies can hire talent from across the globe at minimal cost, and individuals can search for and apply for jobs of their interest from across the globe at almost no cost. Hiring today happens with applications like LinkedIn, Naukri,, Hirst, Flex C, Facebook, Blue Learning,, and a thousand other websites and applications. This is also known as "hiring through social media." In this article, we will be understanding some of the tactics so that the candidates can have a better ranking in these job portals, get the job of their choice, and easily outrun the competition.

Understanding the Job Portals and Their Purpose

LinkedIn Application

LinkedIn is not just another recruitment portal. LinkedIn provides users with a platform through which they can connect with like-minded industry individuals, stay current on business and economic trends, search for jobs, post job requirements, understand the candidate better than their work profile, follow companies, do trending and knowledgeable courses, and even create their own communities. LinkedIn is free for users, and most of the features are at their disposal. Individuals can unlock the premium features with subscriptions as well. LinkedIn is a community of 750 million members.

Naukri Application

The core of Naukri is to provide candidates and recruiters with a platform on which they can connect and discuss job openings. It solely revolves around recruitment and selection. Naukri is also free for users. However, to unlock the premium features, one can get a premium account. Companies register themselves as recruiters, which has a fee, and post jobs or search for candidates as per requirement, and the candidates or job applicants can browse through different openings and apply for jobs of their interest.

Top 10 Features of Naukri and LinkedIn for Job Applicants

  • Be active on these sites − It is very important for a job seeker to be active on the job site. Naukri has a feature to filter candidates as per their activity on the job portal. Most recruiters are using this feature because they do not want to waste time connecting with unresponsive candidates. Make it a habit to open the job portal once a day to rank better in the search list. You can just go through the jobs, check your status on various jobs, update your resume, or run a random search as per your preference. For LinkedIn, ensure that you post, like, and comment on issues of interest.

  • Use keywords in your resume and Naukri and LinkedIn profile − The relevant keywords on your profiles and resume will set you apart from the 60+ million Naukri users and the 750+ million LinkedIn users. Recruiters today are using the ATS (Application Tracking System). This helps recruiters find the best candidate according to the keyword in their job description. Use keywords related to the job that you have or want to have. For example, a software developer should always include the various technologies that he has worked on or has extensive knowledge of in his resume. The repetition will ensure a better ranking. It is applicable to both LinkedIn and Naukri.

  • Use the spotlight feature of LinkedIn − LinkedIn has come up with the #opentowork and #hiring tags. This helps the recruiter identify the candidates who are really interested in a job change. By simply updating the "open to work" tag on his LinkedIn profile, a user can rank among the top in the spotlight.

  • Update your salary expectation and notice period on the Naukri portal − This might seem trivial, but it is very important for recruiters. Recruiters use this information to determine whether or not to pursue the candidate further. This will ensure that you get emails only from companies that are ready to meet your salary expectations and are okay with your notice periods. It saves time. Sadly, both filters are unavailable for recruiters or users on LinkedIn.

  • Always keep your profile updated − It is mandatory for both LinkedIn and Naukri to keep your profiles updated. The recruiter gets a synopsis of you and your work experience from your profile. Believe me, no one has the time to connect with you personally to get these details. An average recruiter will move ahead to other applicants in the case of incomplete, improper, or incorrect information on the site.

  • Create an Eye-catching Resume − Prepare an eye-catching, colorful, easy-to-decipher, and brief resume while applying for jobs. Also, ensure to upload the resumes on the job portals so interested recruiters can have a look. An average recruiter comes across a minimum of 50 resumes in a day. It is very important for you to create one that is different from the rest.

  • Earn skill badges on LinkedIn and update all your skills on your Naukri profile − On LinkedIn, you can earn skill badges by taking tests on the skills you've mentioned. It comes in really handy for your hard skills like Excel, Microsoft, PowerPoint, Java, Python, Testing, DevOps, Sysops, and others. This creates a positive and strong image of yours in front of the recruiter and makes you a stronger and more reliable candidate. Also, keep all of your skills up to date on your Naukri profile because whenever you apply for a job, a brief summary of your qualifications is displayed to the recruiter, making it easier for the recruiter to shortlist your profile among the 100s.

  • Get endorsements on LinkedIn − You can ask your colleagues and friends to give you endorsements on LinkedIn. This means that they confirm your knowledge of this particular skill set and help in building a positive image of yourself.

  • Upload your photo on your job profile and resume − Though it is not a mandate, it is highly recommended to upload a decent photo of yourself in formal or semi-formal attire on the different job portals and your resume. The picture will help you in creating an impression and also build trust.

  • Verify all your documents − When you are creating your Naukri and LinkedIn profiles, they will ask you to upload all your documents, like an Adhar card, a PAN card, educational details, and others. Please upload all these documents to get a better star rating on Naukri and a legit account on LinkedIn. Star ratings are very useful when you apply for jobs.

The above-mentioned top 10 pointers are the hygiene parameters to ensure that you are ranking at the top of both LinkedIn and Naukri portals. We live in an era of presentation and aesthetics. You may have all of the necessary skills, but if you do not consider these parameters, it will be very difficult for you to get a job of your choice and a higher ATS ranking. Another tip is to apply only for relevant job posts. You may apply to 50 job posts in a day but it will be of no use if it is not relevant. Give a quick glance at the Job description and then only apply for a job. It is time we put our best foot forward.