The Top 5 E-books Trending on Amazon

There was a time, when books meant, these 1000 page tomes that perhaps only an Emily Bronte could write. Agreed, the Harry Potter series, brought back the trend of voluminous books and in fact, in the words of Walter Semkiw, a world renowned past life therapist, J.K. Rowling, is but the reincarnation of Charles Dickens. That explains those huge volumes!!

Yet jokes aside, just why am I discussing these tome-sized books?!! Well, the fact is now with the advent of the internet, it is the ebooks that dominate the world of Kindle and ipads. So considering Amazon is the largest virtual store for ebooks, here we take a look at the Top 5 ebooks that are trending on Amazon right now.

Before, I proceed, I want to clarify, that the genre, we are talking about right now, is ebooks, which do not necessarily exist in the hard copy format. Hence Arundathi Roy’s book ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ released 20 years after Roy’s first book , might rule the hard copy retail market, but the ebook space is such, that an unknown author can also stake claim. With that disclaimer, in place, let us now take a look at the ebooks that are among the top selling books on Amazon today.

For a person, unfamiliar with the whole dynamic of an ebook, it is important to know, that in an effort to get more people to write ebooks, there is something called ‘K-Money Mastery’ created, which is basically an online program that teaches you how you can write, market and sell your ebooks on Amazon. The ebooks that I am about to write about, have obviously followed the guidelines, given in this writer’s program and it’s little wonder that they are selling so well, today. So without further ado, here are the top 5 selling ebooks.

  • Healing the Sick in 5 minutes – How Anyone can Heal, any sickness – Francis Jonah
  • The Mental Edge in Selling – Avoiding the Top 5 Rejection traps in Career Sales- How to Master the Art of Selling Books 2 – Tom Hopkins and Judy Slack
  • The Unofficial Author’s Guide to Selling your books on Amazon- The Top 5 Cheat Sheet for Self-Publishing Authors – Richard McCartney
  • Quit your day job and make money at home Bundle – Make money online, quit your 9 to 5 and live a life of freedom- Alexander Shrouder
  • The Poor man’s way to book marketing – 39 ways to market your books on a Boot strap Budget- And Sell your books – R.T Tolentino

Perhaps, the 2 most striking features about the exhaustive list above, is that all the titles seem extraordinarily long and all the books seem to be catered to other writers. There is a sound explanation for this. Amazon, being a search engine, the more the number of words used in the title, the greater chance of the book being visible. Also the fact that most of the books seem catered towards other writer’s, is simply because ebook writing itself, caters to a niche and educated audience, who are most often writers themselves and hence the popularity of such books. Now let’s take a closer look, at each of the books mentioned.

The Very First book, ‘Healing the Sick in Five Minutes – How Anyone can heal, any sickness- by Francis Jonah is just 22 pages and hence, that should give one some idea of the average length of an ebook. The minimum word limit of an Amazon ebook is 2500 words, so the trend now, is on short and very short books, since the fact is reading anything too voluminous on an ipad or phone can get too tedious. Most books by Francis Jonah , seem to have a very definite spiritual slant and this gentleman, has more than 14 books online that are doing exceptionally well.

Here is another point, that I need to bring to the attention of the lay reader. Through this writing course and more specifically, through youtube writing tutorials online, I was shocked to discover that many of the books on Amazon, have been ghost written. Perhap’s that’s why this second book stands out, since it features an image of the author on it’s cover. ‘The Mental Edge in Selling – Avoiding the Top 5 Rejection Traps in Career Sales – How to Master the Art of Selling Book 2. The Author, Tom Hopkins is said to have earned more than 1 million dollars in Sales Commissions during, the first three years of his Sales Career.

The third book, ‘The Unofficial Author’s Guide to Selling your books on Amazon – The Top 5 Cheat Sheet for Self Publishing Authors is by someone, by the name of Richard McCartney. This book, is unique simply since the reviews left for this book, read like books themselves and that alone proves that there is a whole PR Machinery at work, to promote this book.

It’s strange, but when you explore, the whole ebook industry as such, one gets acquainted, by what seems like the dark underbelly of the publishing world, so to speak, where the person, one assumes to be the writer, is in fact just a pseudonym for a whole list of Ghost writers. The fourth book is titled ‘Quit your day job and make money at home bundle – Make Money online, quit your 9 to 5 and live a life of freedom. This book has been written by one Alexander Shrouder and is in fact a box set containing 3 books.

Considering the combined length of all 3 books, put together is 77 pages, this should give some idea of how short, each book, actually is. In fact, with a tantalizing title like that, it’s no wonder that this book is among the most downloaded books on Amazon today. Finally, we have ‘The Poor Man’s way to Book Marketing – 39 ways to Market your books on a boot strap budget and sell your books – R. T. Tolentino.

Must say, as disheartening as the title sounds, the book description, more than makes up for it. In all, most of these ebooks on Amazon, seem to be selling hope and when one thinks of it, that is indeed the most precious commodity, there is!

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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