There are four organisms A, B, C and D. The organism A eats only the flesh of other animals as food. The organism B can eat grains, fruits and vegetables as well as meat and fish. The organism C can make the food itself from simple inorganic substances present in the environment by utilising sunlight energy. On the other hand, organism D eats only plants and their products as food.(a) Which organism is (i) omnivore (ii) herbivore, and (iii) carnivore?(b) Which organism is an autotroph?(c) Which organism is/are heterotroph(s)?(d) Which organism can be a producer?(e) Which organism is/are consumer(s)?(f) Give one example each of organisms which could be like (i) A (ii) B (iii) C, and (iv) D

(a) (i) Organism B: omnivore.
(ii) organism D: herbivore.
(iii) organism A: carnivore.

(b) Organism C is an autotroph.

(c) The organisms A, B, and D are heterotrophs.

(d) Organism C can be a producer.

(e) The organisms A, B, and D are consumers.

(f) The examples of organisms are:
A:  lion
B: crow
C: green plants (orange tree)
D: cow


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Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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