A food chain consists of fish, larvae, phytoplankton, and birds. The level of pesticides in water in which the fish, larvae, and phytoplanktons live is quite high.(a) In which organisms the pesticides enter from the polluted water? What is this level of organisms known as?(b) Which organism will have the maximum amount of pesticides accumulated through the food chain? What is this process known as?(c) Write the food chain comprising all the organisms mentioned above.(d) Which other organism you could write in place of bird in the above food chain?

(a) The pesticides enter the phytoplankton from the polluted water. This level of organisms is known as producers.

(b) The birds will have the maximum amount of pesticides accumulated in them through the food chain. This process is known as biomagnification.

(c) The food chain comprising all the organisms:
Phytoplankton → Larvae → Fish → Birds

(d) Humans also consume fish, and hence they can replace the birds in the above food chain.


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Updated on: 18-Jan-2023


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