The organisms A, B and C can obtain their food in three different ways. Organism A derives its food from the body of another living organism which is called its D, without killing it. The organism B takes in the solid food by the process of ingestion, digests a part of this food and throws out undigested food in the process called E. The organism C obtains its food from dead and decaying plants.(a) What is the mode of nutrition of (i) organism A (ii) organism B, and (iii) organism C?(b) What is the organism like D called?(c) Name the process E.(d) Give one example each of organisms like (i) A (ii) B, and (iii) C.(e) What is the general name of three modes of nutrition exhibited by organisms A, B and C?

(a) The mode of Nutrition for the following organisms are given below:
(i) A: parasitic mode of nutrition
(ii) B: holozoic mode of nutrition
(iii) C: saprophytic mode of nutrition.

(b) The organisms like D are called hosts.

(c) The process E is egestion.

(d) The example of organisms like
(i) A: Tapeworm
(ii) B: Amoeba
(iii) C: Fungi

(e) The general name of the three modes of nutrition exhibited by organisms are:
A: parasitic mode of nutrition
B: holozoic mode of nutrition
C: saprophytic mode of nutrition.


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Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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