What are the features that were removed in MySQL 8.0?

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Some of the features have become obsolete and have been removed from MySQL 8.0. When alternatives to these removed items are shown, they need to be used to avoid further complications.

  • The ‘innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog’ system variable has been removed.
  • The ‘READ COMMITTED’ isolation level can be used since it behaves in a similar way.
  • After upgrading the system to MySQL version 8.0.3 or later, scripts that reference previous InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA view names have to be upgraded.

Some of the account management attributes have been removed. A few have been listed below:

  • Instead of using ‘GRANT’ to create users, use ‘CREATE USER’.
  • The query cache has been removed.
  • The deprecated query cache items remain deprecated, and have no effect. They may be removed in upcoming MySQL release.
  • The data dictionary gives information about database objects, hence the server doesn’t check the directory names in the data directory to find databases.
  • This indicates that the ‘--ignore-db-dir’ option and ‘ignore_db_dirs’ system variables are not required and hence, removed.
  • The ‘tx_isolation’ and ‘tx_read_only’ system variables have been removed. Instead of then, ‘transaction_isolation’ and ‘transaction_read_only’ can be used.
  • The ‘secure_auth’ and ‘multi_range_count’ system variable, ‘--secure-auth’ client option, and ‘MYSQL_SECURE_AUTH’ option for ‘mysql_options()’ C API function have been removed.
  • The ‘log_warnings’ system variable and --log-warnings server option have been removed. Instead, the ‘log_error_verbosity’ system variable needs to be used.
  • The parser doesn’t treat \N as a synonym for NULL in SQL statements. Hence, the ‘NULL’ value has to be used instead.
  • PROCEDURE ANALYSE() syntax has been removed.
  • The --temp-pool server option has been removed.
  • The ‘ignore_builtin_innodb’ system variable is removed.
  • The ‘resolveip’ utility has been removed. Instead, the ‘nslookup’, ‘host’, or ‘dig’ can be used.
  • Support for DTrace has been removed.
  • The ‘JSON_APPEND()’ function has been removed. Instead, ‘JSON_ARRAY_APPEND()’ can be used.
Updated on 24-Feb-2021 12:17:35