What are the features that were deprecated in MySQL 8.0?

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Some of the features that have been deprecated may be removed in the upcoming versions of MySQL. If applications use the features that have been deprecated in that specific version, that feature should be revised and alternatives should be used wherever possible.

Let us understand in brief, the features that have been deprecated in MySQL 8.0:

  • The ‘utf8mb3’ character set is deprecated, use ‘utf8mb4’ instead.
  • The ‘sha256_password’ password authentication is deprecated, may be removed in future updates. Use ‘caching_sha2_password’ instead.
  • Some implementation changes have been made to ‘validate_password’ plugin, may be removed in future versions. Use this plugin by ensuring that component infrastructure is also being used in it.
  • Support for ‘AUTO_INCREMENT’ for column type ‘FLOAT’ and ‘DOUBLE’ deprecated. Support for ‘UNSIGNED’ for column type ‘FLOAT’, ‘DOUBLE’, and ‘DECIMAL’ deprecated.
  • The ‘ZEROFILL’ attribute deprecated for numeric data, can use ‘LPAD’ method instead.
  • The usage of ‘||’ has been deprecated unless the SQL mode ‘PIPES AS CONCAT’ is enabled.
  • ‘JSON_MERGE’ is deprecated, use ‘JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE()’ instead.
  • While using ‘SELECT’ statement, an INTO clause after FROM can be used but usage of it at the end of the ‘SELECT’ has been deprecated.
  • The ‘FLUSH HOSTS’ feature is deprecated. Truncate the Performance Schema host_cache table instead. It has been shown below-
TRUNCATE TABLE performance_schema.host_cache;

Note: The TRUNCATE TABLE operation needs the ‘DROP’ privilege for the respective table.

  • The ‘mysql_upgrade’ client is deprecated since its ability to upgrade the system tables in the mysql system schema and objects in other schemas has been moved into MySQL server.
  • The InnoDB memcached plugin is deprecated, it may be removed in upcoming versions of MySQL.  
  • The ‘mysql_upgrade_info’ file that creates the data directory is used to store the MySQL version number, has been deprecated. It may be removed in a future version of MySQL.
  • The ‘relay_log_info_file’ system variable and ‘--master-info-file’ option have been deprecated.
Updated on 24-Feb-2021 12:32:57