Steampunk Fashion

If you have ever been seen and wonder about steampunk clothing or have simply seen someone on the street wearing something that looks like it was lifted directly out of an RAF Outfitters or Ann Summers catalogue, yes we are discussing about steampunk fashion.

What is the Meaning of Steampunk Fashion?

The term “steampunk” refers to a genre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates elements of aesthetics and technology that are inspired by widely used steam-powered machinery from the 19th century. It frequently incorporates elements from Gothic, the Wild West, and other themes due to its hybrid nature.

A component of the science fiction steampunk movement is steampunk clothing. It portrays combines of the Industrial Revolution with the romanticised depiction of science in literature from the Victorian era. The post-apocalyptic backdrop was considered when designing the clothing. Clothing, jewellery, body alterations, hairstyles, and makeup all fall under the steampunk aesthetic. T-shirts with various designs or plain pants adorned with belt buckles and pistol holsters are two examples of more contemporary steampunk clothing.

How to Dress Like a Steampunk

Following are the typical ways −

  • Choose your theme − Within the basic steampunk aesthetic, which is essentially Victorian with a steampunk twist, there are several subgenres. A few of the more well-known appearances include gothic, military, aviator, adventurer, explorer, and pirate. However, you can choose your own and customise clothing based on your profession, interests, or ancestry.
  • Source a top with a strong Victorian style − but with glamour too a corset is ideal. Naturally, if Queen Victoria had left the house is nothing but a corset, she would have had a vapour attack, but that’s the fun of steampunk; it takes the appealing features of Victorian attire and grounds them in the 1870s. If you feel more comfortable wearing something a little less sensual, look for blouses with long sleeves and anything covered in lace. A lace-covered corset right out of a bodice-ripper book would be the ideal costume.
  • Hunt out tiered and gathered skirts − that show a little leg or trousers with a lot of attitude. Even though long, layered skirts are in style, leather is strongly advised. Under all those layers and leather, it can get a little warm, so skirts are frequently gathered higher at the front to let some air in.
  • Rediscover your waist with a cinch and add a bustle − these are the exaggerated silhouettes that define the steampunk aesthetic. You might find it a little more challenging to eat cake and cucumber sandwiches because of the cinch, but there is still room for seconds underneath that enormous skirt.
  • Put on something sturdy − long leather boots are ideal, but stylish tights and a worn-in pair of DMs also look great. “Hardy” and “a good turn of ankle” are your mottos.

Even if you’re a steampunk posing in front of terrifying satanic mills in February, you won’t be cold.

Do People Still Dress in Steampunk Fashion?

Even Steampunks in shoddy attire are allowed. It applies to more than just what to wear to social occasions. The majority of people don’t want a conventional Steampunk experience when they visit a place of business or an event.

Trends in Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk is an aesthetic fusion of clothing styles from several historical periods. The clothing of 19th-century explorers, soldiers, lords, countesses, and harlots is combined with modern streetwear, punk, burlesque, goth, fetishism, vampires, and frills to create a steampunk style.

Menswear in Steampunk Fashion

The menswear of steampunk includes goggles, a proper steampunk vest, shirts for steampunk gentlemen, steampunk pants or trousers, steampunk hats or headwear, steampunk shoes, boots, footwear, steampunk coats, steampunk accessories, and other items.

Womenswear in Steampunk Fashion

Women’s steampunk attire usually draws inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian clothing, with long skirts, bustles, and corsets being prominent.

What all is Included in Steampunk Wedding Attire?

Corset tops, ruffles aplenty, and high-low hems are frequently worn with these garments, maintaining the aesthetic of 18th-century cabaret attire. Due to their bright and happy tone, short steampunk wedding dresses are ideal for weddings that are more laid back and held in the summer.


So fundamentally, the traditional accoutrements for steampunk attire include a top hat, a leather flight helmet, a bowler hat, a straw boater or skimmer, an Arctic flap hat, a pith helmet, a deerstalker hat (influenced by Sherlock Holmes), a pirate-style bandana, or a newsboy cap. Throughout the Victorian era, they were widespread and thought to be fashionable.


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